8 Great Goals to Recreate in Your Back Garden During Lockdown

Football might be suspended for the foreseeable future, and while TV channels and club’s social media accounts are whiling away the hours by re-showing classic matches, why not go one further by recreating some of the greatest goals from footballing folklore?

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a back garden, dust off your boots, pop on your shinnies, pump up your Sondico and live lockdown to the fullest. Then sheepishly go and knock on your neighbours door asking for your ball back when it all goes pear shaped (while maintaining your distance, of course).

Here are a selection of iconic goals for you to try at home.

Justin Fashanu vs Liverpool (1980)

The famous ?1980 goal of the season from the ?Norwich man is an absolute belter. The almost innocuous, unassuming turn, after receiving an awkward pass on a classic 80s bobbly pitch, followed by Fashanu unleashing a fizzing volley.

The curl he produces to bend the ball into the top corner is sensational. Not bad for a big man.

Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle United (1993)

You’ll need a couple of willing family members to act as the static ?Newcastle defence as ?Le Tissier majestically flicks the ball first past Barry Benison and then Kevin Scott, following his exquisitely improvised first touch.

The finish is vintage Le Tissier composure. Lovely stuff.

Philippe Albert vs Manchester United (1996)

The Belgian centre half strides forward from the back, the space opens up for him on the edge of the ?Manchester United box, and shaping to shoot, he then instead produces the most delicate of chips over the head of Peter Schmeichel from all of 25 yards out.

Outrageous from the Newcastle man.

Clarence Seedorf vs Atletico Madrid (1997)

See if you can make the ball move as much as Seedorf did when he hit this? long range screamer for ?Real Madrid, while simultaneously making it look as effortless.

The audacity from Seedorf to try his luck from 40 yards out is one thing, ?but to actually find the top corner with the amount of bend and veer that he did is something else altogether.

Roberto Carlos vs France (1997)

Go on, give this a whirl without breaking a flower pot.

Admittedly, you might not have 35-yard back garden. However, the fact this is such a long-range effort means it’s lockdown friendly and great for social distancing. Perhaps you could try it with a neighbour a couple of gardens down, with a fence deputising for the France wall?

Even Roberto Carlos has conceded that he doesn’t really know how he managed to muster the ?sheer ridiculous amount of swerve, so how all the amateurs up and down the country will pull it off remains to be seen.?

Robin van Persie vs Aston Villa (2013)

Robin van Persie

Unless you live in a public park, you may have to do without ?Wayne Rooney’s fabulous lofted cross field pass from inside his own half to set up Van Persie when recreating this goal.

Instead, just get someone to serve the ball over your head, and see whether you’re capable of making the same ?sweet, sweet connection that the Dutchman did with his wand of a left foot.

James Rodriguez vs Uruguay (2014)

James Rodrigues

Remember how sensational James Rodriguez was at the 2014 World Cup? His fabulous chest control, swivel and ?volley that arced so satisfyingly over David Ospina and in off the underside of the bar was utterly stunning.

Sending this flying over the fence into a neighbour’s garden is a real risk, but it’s part of trying to recreate the similar pressure of a World Cup knock out game that Rodriguez would have been under to make it extra realistic.

Lucy Bronze vs Norway (2019)

Lucy Bronze

?Take any of your lockdown related frustration out with ?this one by absolutely leathering your Sondico into the roof of the net. 

Then have a go at the similarly ferocious long distance strike that Bronze netted against the very same opposition four years earlier. Not bad for a former Dominos employee.


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