Sergio Ramos Addresses €1m Tax Fine Over Image Rights & Confirms He Has Appealed

?Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has confirmed that he has appealed against a €1m fine issued by the Spanish tax authority relating to image right earnings between 2012 and 2014.

Ramos was accused of collecting image rights revenue through a separate company, based in Spain, so as to pay less tax – 25% through the company as opposed to 45% if it was personal income tax.

Sergio Ramos

The five-time Champions League has sought to clarify the situation via a statement on social media, explaining that he has fully paid the €1m fine, but has also launched an appeal because he disagrees with the conclusion of the tax authority, claiming they had changed the criteria.

With the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both receiving suspended prison sentences over tax issues, ?Ramos stressed that it was an ‘administrative fine’ and not a ‘criminal offence’.

He also said that he declares all of his income in Spain, as opposed to taking it offshore, and is fully aware of his tax obligations, which are overseen by a team of professional advisers.

His full statement read:

“Given the information published recently, I would like to emphasise that:

– I declare all my income in Spain.

– I have a team of professional advisors who analyse, manage and resolve all my tax matters.

– I am aware of all my obligations to the Tax Agency.

Sergio Ramos

“The Tax Agency notified me of a settlement different from that declared by me in the period 2012-2014 after changing the criteria that the Administration itself had indicated to me in previous years, liquidation that I have fully satisfied.

“It is an administrative fine, not a criminal offence.

“Given my disagreement with the change of criteria of the Tax Agency and, once again, once the liquidation has been paid administratively, I have exercised my right to appeal the Administration’s agreement.”

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