Sergio Ramos Tries to Excuse 7-3 Atletico Madrid Loss & His Reason Is Pretty Pathetic

Sergio Ramos has tried to excuse Real Madrid’s humiliating 7-3 defeat to Atletico Madrid ?with one of the worst reasons you’ll hear all year.

The La Liga rivals took part in a quite memorable match at the MetLife Stadium in New York in which ten goals were shared and two red cards were branded in one of the more not-so friendly friendlies of recent times. 

Diego Costa scored four before being sent off and Atletico were 6-0 in front before the 51st minute, but don’t worry if you’re a Los Blancos fan, because Ramos reckons Real weren’t taking it seriously. Seriously.

Speaking post-match, the Spain captain said as quoted by Marca: “The feeling is not good, but this has just begun and we need matches to reach the level of football [we want]. We took it as a friendly and they didn’t, and the result is too broad. 

“We are screwed, [because] you can lose many ways, but not like that. After a horrible first half the target was to forget it and try to win the second and at least we did that.”

It’s as simple as that. Real Madrid took the game as a friendly and their local rivals did not. And look on the bright side, Real wanted to win the second half and they did exactly that. So, absolutely nothing to see here.

Los Blancos may well have won the second half by three goals to two but a lot of that was down to luck more than skill. Atletico missed several gilt-edged chances during the second 45 and the scoreline could well have hit double figures, and that’s after they had introduced the younger players. 

The veteran centre back can gloss over the defeat as much as he wants but friendly or not, nobody wants to lose to their rivals. 

Despite spending reaching nearly £300m in the Spanish capital, Zinedine Zidane is yet to win in normal time this pre-season, a penalty victory that followed a 2-2 draw with ?Arsenal the only positive result to date.

Zidane has come in for criticism for some of his tactics this summer but to be fair to Ramos, following the excuses, he was quick to defend his manager.

“We are who we are depending on the players who are going to play and depending on the formations that our coach wants, which are several,” he added. 

“The team work well tactically and it’s not time to worry about that.”


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