VIDEO: Viral Demo Footage Shows How Tough It’ll Be to Land Ronaldo & Messi in FIFA 18

?Can you feel the excitement in the air yet? FIFA 18 is only one week away from being released, and fans are gearing up for a weekend full of smashing their mates in online multiplayer.

For those of a more ‘single player’ persuasion, there’s still loads on offer, as per usual, from EA Sports’ critically acclaimed video game franchise including the chance to make your beloved club the best team in the world.

And what do you need to become the biggest club in world football? Only the best players of course. So how do you go about signing, say, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? We’re glad you asked:

[embedded content]

Youtuber Mgh’s video about negotiating with the two megastars in the recently released FIFA 18 demo went viral over the weekend as fans ran the rule over just how difficult it is to land them in game.

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The verdict? Not so hard, providing you have the money to afford them. Unsurprisingly, Ronaldo – front and centre of FIFA 18 – proves to be the more difficult to prise away but, offer the right cash and wages, and you’ll nab yourself the Real superstar with a click of the fingers!


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