PHOTO: Ronaldo’s Girlfriend’s Dance Teacher Appears to Confirm Some Big News via Instagram

?Georgina Rodriguez’s dance teachers may have made an accidental revelation about her and Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram.

Basi and Deisy appeared to have commented on a video Georgina had uploaded to the social site of her learning a new salsa dance.

The post prompted Georgina to comment on the photo, and a conversation was struck up in which the duo appeared to let slip that the couple are expecting a baby girl.

The comment read, as quoted by the ?Mail: “A pleasure giving you salsa lessons. We’re very happy at how you did things in your first class. The little girl you’re carrying inside you is going to be a great dancer. Basi and Deisy.”

‘Let slip’, because the comments were deleted very soon after they were posted – but as everybody knows, once something ends up online even for just a split second, it is at risk of being screenshotted.

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Cristiano and Georgina put an end to speculation back in July that they were expected their first child together, which would be another sibling for Cristiano Jr, Mateo and Eva, who were all born to surrogate mothers.


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