'Benzema is harder to play against than Luis Suarez'

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has explained why the Real Madrid striker is trickier to defend against than the much-lauded Barcelona forward

Rio Ferdinand claims Karim Benzema is a harder striker to defend against than Luis Suarez.

Suarez ended the season with 59 goals in 53 appearances this season, while Benzema, who won the Champions League with Real Madrid on Saturday, has scored 28 times in 36 games.

But Ferdinand believes the France international’s movement is what sets him apart against the Barcelona forward.

“From personal experience playing against both of those players, I found it harder to play against him [Benzema],” Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“Because he was very cute, he was very efficient in all areas, off his right and left foot, his movement was cute.

“And sometimes you don’t see it glaringly, but he does cute little things that take you out of position that other players can exploit. And when he gets the ball he’s got a quick trigger.

“Suarez is equally as difficult but I just found him [Benzema] a little bit more.”

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