Ronaldo: I respect Wenger's opinions – but that's it

The Frenchman is vehemently against the Ballon d’Or, saying it can ruin careers, but the Real Madrid star is remaining tight-lipped on the subject

Cristiano Ronaldo says that he respects Arsene Wenger’s negative views on the Ballon d’Or but refused to be drawn on whether he agrees with the Frenchman’s argument that such prizes promote “selfishness”.

Arsenal boss Wenger claimed last week that he has seen players “destroy their careers” in the pursuit of individual accolades.

Real Madrid ace Ronaldo has won the last two Ballons d’Or – and three in total – so he was reluctant to be drawn into the merits of the trophy while attending the world premiere of a movie about his life.

Indeed, when asked about Wenger’s comments by the Evening Standard, the Portugal international replied: “[Those are his] opinions. I respect opinions but that’s it.”

Wenger had aired his views before Sunday’s derby clash with Tottenham at the Emirates.

“I’m against the Ballon d’Or,” the Frenchman stated.

“I’m against all these things.

“I’ve seen careers destroyed because the players are too much obsessed to get individual rewards.

“I feel sometimes it encourages selfishness and people inside the game to go too much for their own sake when some partners are in a better position.

“Even the agents sometimes motivate the players to get individual rewards because they are more valuable on the market after.

“That’s why I’m against it.”

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