Busquets: I still believe in the title

“All we expected was for ourselves to beat Granada. We’re currently behind Real Madrid, so every time they slip-up, we’ve got to take advantage.”

“We must try to win all our games. Obviously Real Madrid were four points ahead and now that’s been cut to two, but nothing has changed.”

“I don’t know if El Clásico will be decisive or not, but hopefully it will be decisive for us. It all depends on a lot of things which today, right now, it’s impossible to know.”

The odds for this week’s La Liga matches are good for both sides, Real Madrid is facing Atletico Bilbao on road, while Barca will play at home against Rayo V. Both teams are expected to pick up 3 points, but as Busquets said, “it’s impossible to know”. If El Clásico will decide the La Liga winner, we can only wait and see.

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