Ronaldo goes to barber of Brazil

The Portugal talisman has visited a barber ahead of his side’s crucial World Cup game against Ghana as he took the training field with a strange new style

Cristiano Ronaldo has gambled with Portugal’s World Cup future by sporting a new haircut in the hopes it can help to inspire the side to victory.

The Real Madrid attacker has ditched the zig-zag haircut he sported in the Seleccao’s close shave with USA, when his curler of a cross in the dying moments of their second group game helped to keep the team in the tournament.

Ronaldo, who has been struggling for full fitness since arriving in Brazil, turned up to training on Wednesday having clearly gone to the barbers since Paulo Bento’s side picked up their first point after being chopped 4-0 by Germany.

The 29-year-old’s haircut against USA was reported to be a tribute to a young fan whose £50,000 brain surgery he paid for.

Before Thursday’s must-win match-up with Ghana, Ronaldo has changed his style again to something akin to a badger, opting to have the sides of his head shaved while keeping it long on the top and is sporting a rather bizarre line at the top of the right side.

Should Portugal finally gel to sweep the floor with the Black Stars in Brasilia and Germany blow a dry USA out of the water in Recife, the Seleccao can still squeak into the last 16 of the World Cup.

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