Hummels' girlfriend in Ronaldo ‘top model’ jibe

The Borussia Dortmund defender’s other half made the light-hearted remarks in her column for Bild

Cathy Fischer, the girlfriend of Germany centre-back Mats Hummels, has ridiculed Cristiano Ronaldo for his lack of body hair.

Germany and Portugal meet on Monday evening in a heavyweight Group G clash, and both Ronaldo and Hummels start the match.

Previewing the game for Bild earlier today, Fischer praised the Portugal forward for his dedication and professionalism, but derided him for his hairless physique.

“Have you seen his celebration after the 4-1 win in the Champions League final? Not an ounce of fat…but unfortunately, no body hair!

“Is that masculine for you? Not for me. I am not one for Brazilian waxing.

“I do not like it when a man’s legs are more shaved than mine, but of course, each to their own!”

Fischer concluded her pre-match column by presumably comparing Ronaldo to her own boyfriend, the Germany defender Hummels.

“I myself like men who sometimes go unshaven for a coffee. Who, after the game, look different than before. Battle-weary, sweaty. A gladiator, rather than a top model.”

Portugal and Germany meet this afternoon in the Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador. The pair have been drawn in Group G alongside Ghana and the USA.

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