Ronaldo reveals Juve rejection

The winger says the Bianconeri are a “dream team” for many, but insists Manchester United’s history and former manager Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him to move there

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo says he rejected Juventus a decade ago because of Manchester United’s more appealing history and Sir Alex Ferguson’s presence.

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The Portugal international made his name at Old Trafford after moving away from Sporting in 2003, before making a world-record move – broken by Gareth Bale this summer – to Real Madrid in 2009.

Former Bianconeri chief Luciano Moggi explained this week that Ronaldo was in Juve’s sights before the Red Devils made their move, but Ronaldo insists he had never had any intention of moving to Turin over the Premier League giants.

“I cannot speak too much about this Juve link,” he said when questioned by Italian media on Tuesday ahead of Madrid’s clash with Antonio Conte’s men.

“I know that there were many clubs interested in me and Juve were one of those, but the club that interested me most was the Manchester for its history and its coach.

“I have great respect for Juve and their history. They are a dream team for many, but tomorrow I’ll have to do my job and score goals against them. They’re a top club that must be respected but tomorrow I’ll do my best.”

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