Di Maria reveals why he stayed at Real Madrid

The Argentina international has revealed that he opted to stay put after Carlo Ancelotti assured him that he would get his chance

Angel Di Maria has revealed that he decided to stay at Real Madrid after discussing his future with Argentina team-mate and Paris Saint-Germain attacker Ezequiel Lavezzi and head coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The tricky winger was linked with a move away from the Santiago Bernabeu side earlier this summer, but eventually opted to stay put as the stiff competition for places didn’t frighten him.

“I decided to stay, despite the players that were coming to the club,” Di Maria told Rock and Pop radio.

“I knew that I was going through a good period and that I had the skills to play here. I talked to Pocho [Ezequiel Lavezzi] and he asked me: ‘Do you really want to go away from there?’

“Coach Carlo Ancelotti told me that whoever is better will play. I think that Bale wasn’t training in Tottenham so I guess I have a head start.”

The former Benfica star then went on to discuss Gonzalo Higuain’s decision to leave Madrid for Napoli and stated that the media’s treatment of the prolific hitman played a role in his summer transfer.

“Higuain had to stand a lot of things. Many times, the media would criticise him badly. That might have influenced his decision of leaving Real Madrid.”

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