The world is watching: Clasico attracts a global audience of 400 million

With Olympique de Marseille hosting Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 and AC Milan taking on arch-rivals Inter in Italy, Sunday promises to be a great day of football. However, it is the Liga encounter between Barcelona and Real Madrid at Camp Nou that is arguably the pick of the weekend.

The Spanish giants have met a number of times over the past few seasons, and each and every encounter offered plenty of spectacle. From superb pieces of individual skill to touchline brawls, from stunning goals to flying tackles – El Clasico generally has it all.

Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was quick to point out the importance of the game when asked about his side’s rivalry with Barcelona earlier this month.

When Madrid plays Barcelona, the world stops,” commented the outspoken trainer. “It is a game we love to play and it is not just us, but, surely for them also. In this sense, it is definitely more than a normal league match.

Meanwhile, his Barca colleague, Tito Vilanova, feels the Clasico is a game like any other, and is mainly focused on what the match could mean for his side’s title ambitions.

“We are just playing a football game which will determine if we are five, eight or 11 points ahead of Madrid.”

There’s no denying that there’s something special about the games between Barcelona and Real Madrid, though, which is perfectly illustrated by the impressive media attention for the meeting.

The game will broadcast live to more than 30 European, Asian, North America, South American, Central American and African countries, while 680 accredited journalists, photographers, commentators, camera people and technicians – representing 139 outlets from 28 countries – will cover the Clasico this Sunday. 

Mediapro, the company in charge of production and distribution of the TV signal for Sunday’s Clasico, will be providing 300 professionals to cover the match, with eight mobile units, including a 3D team and 34 cameras, one of which is a Super Slow Motion camera, inside the ground.

The aforementioned 680 press representatives hail from Spain, Denmark, Mexico, United Kingdom, Poland, Argentina, France, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Colombia, Italy, Croatia, Burkina Faso, The Netherlands, Serbia, Algeria, Belgium, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, Qatar, Norway and United States of America.

Mediapro estimates that the game will attract a worldwide audience of 400 million, with the meeting between Barca and Madrid being shown live in more than 30 countries on well-known channels such as Sky Sports, Al Jazeera Sports and ESPN.

More than 20 TV companies from all over the world have applied to personalise the production, which is a new record, and in total 30 international TV stations will be showing the match.

The game will be broadcast across the globe in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Central America and Africa; from China to the USA, in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico and many more countries. 

Fans around the globe will thus be assured that they will not miss a single moment when the eternal rivals lock horns for the third time this season. It’s now up to the players to live up to the high expectations, and once more put on another breathtaking show.

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