Papin criticises Benzema's positioning

Jean-Pierre Papin has criticised Real Madrid attacker Karim Benzema’s positioning on the pitch, claiming the 24-year-old does not get into dangerous areas often enough.

The former Olympique de Marseille star believes Benzema’s tendency to drift wide prevents him from making an impact, as it leaves him struggling to find clear goalscoring opportunities.

“I’m a bit surprised with the way Karim plays for France and Real Madrid. He’s a striker, but I never see him in front of goal. [Olivier] Giroud only played three minutes against Spain, but got in front of goal three times and scored,” Papin told RMC.

“You’re either a player like Cristiano Ronaldo who drops deep to collect the ball and then dribbles past a number of opponents before scoring, or you’re a real striker and in front of the goal is where you are at your best.

“You can’t drift out wide all the time, that’s simply impossible. The more I see him play for France, the less he gets into dangerous position. That kind of annoys me.”

Benzema has scored only once in eight La Liga appearances for Madrid so far this term.

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