Mourinho uses criticism to spur on Real Madrid players

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has said he does not mind the criticism his side get as it makes them more determined to do better.

The Blancos trainer has previously stated that he does not care about his popularity but he has also made it clear that he will always stick up for himself when people cross a certain line.

“It’s respectful when people have a different opinion to mine, but when they try to offend me, there is a moment when I decide to say ‘that’s enough’ or I have even decided to meet some people in court,” Mourinho told the official club website.

“As a coach, I prefer people to criticise me for being aggressive with my words, because I try to bring out the wounded pride of my players.

“I prefer that to being quiet, politically correct or friendly and going on losing. We can’t accept this direction. I’m optimistic because the team is ready to win and win again, draw less and lose even less.”

The Portugese coach also believes that his team are heading in the right direction and he is looking forward to going on a good run when the players are back from their international duty.

He added: “We’re prepared to win a lot, draw less than that and hardly be defeated. We’re going to be a team until the end.

“The team is now going in the right direction, but 10-12 days without them is a long time. We’ll have to see how they arrive after the international games.”

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