Aragones: Mourinho will go down in history

Former Spain trainer Luis Aragones believes Jose Mourinho will go down in history as a result of the success he has achieved at each of his clubs.

Barcelona star Xavi suggested on Sunday that the Portuguese tactician would ultimately not be remembered because of a propensity to play unattractive football.

But 74-year-old Aragones, whose Spain side won Euro 2008 under his stewardship, believes winning will be the ultimate factor in regard to the Madrid trainer’s place in history.

“I think he is a winner in football completely and he will go down in history because he has done what coaches must do more than anyone, and that is to win,” he told Radio Marca.

The former striker was also keen to praise the role of Xavi within the current national side.

“What [Andres] Iniesta does is tremendously difficult, but the main man for me is Xavi,” he added.

“He practically does not lose the ball and the makes the team play as he wants. He is the ideal man for the national team.”

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