American style time-outs would improve football, says Mourinho

Jose Mourinho believes football would be improved by the introduction of time-outs seen in many American sports.

Basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL) are two popular US sports which employ the breaks in play that allow coaches to talk tactics with their players and try to inspire them.

The Real Madrid boss has admitted he believes that having such a rule in football would allow coaches to exert greater influence from the sidelines.

“It’s something that I think could improve football a little bit,” Mourinho told CNN.

“It would allow a coach to have a relation with the players during a match.

“You could ask for a minute like the American sports have. It probably would be a solution, or give us some more freedom to walk around the touchline.”

Mourinho also revealed that many of his half-time speeches are spontaneous, but that some are planned in advance in a bid get the best out of his players.

“Sometimes, it’s spontaneous. Sometimes, you don’t think and sometimes, you don’t have time to think,” the ex-Chelsea and Inter boss added. “But many other times, of course, I prepare myself.

“Even when I’m in the match, the last 10 minutes of the first-half, more than analysing the game, I’m preparing myself for half-time because that’s when I can have an impact on the players.

“I can help the players to improve and to win a match, so I try to be an observer and I try to analyse the game during the first 30-35 minutes of the first-half, and the last 10 minutes I am preparing myself for my [talk] with the players.”

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