'The media cannot change things' – Iniesta on Ronaldo's Real Madrid problems

Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta has suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to make his predicament at Real Madrid public may not be the best course of action.

The 28-year-old relunctantly spoke of the controversy whilst appearing on ‘El Larguero’ and stated that an alternative approach may have been more beneficial.

“Sometimes I have felt unfair things but my personality or my respect for my team-mates or coaches, or the education I had always made me wait for my chance and have confidence that in the future better things appear,” he explained.

“I never thought to get out in the media and crack, things would change. If you work well in the end, it all comes back.

“You must always try to think in general, globally, not just in a particular situation.”

Speculation has alleged that a disagreement with senior figures and team-mates at the club may be at the route of the 27-year-old’s problems and Iniesta¬† gave his view on the his experiences inside the dressing room.

“You must be better than your friend or your team-mate, butyou should never exceed the limits of your health. Rivalry is a healthy benefit of you and your team,” he continued.

“There are times when you are wrong but you must do your part to be better. Moments when things do not go well or you’re not playing well, there has to be calm, think about the team and better times to come.

“We’ve all gone through times like this.”

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