Real Madrid worth more than Manchester United, says Florentino Perez

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has insisted his club would make more on the stock exchange than Manchester United.

The Red Devils floated shares in New York this summer with mixed results, as the Glazer family embarked on a new venture to help deal with the club’s sizeable debt.

“If we ran into the stock exchange, we would worth more than Manchester United, I can assure that,” he claimed.

Perez then explained to an assembly of Madrid’s elector partners this weekend why he believed the voting system within the club is broken and in need of a drastic overhaul.

“In 2009 I came back because of a situation that I do not like to remember,” he said. “Here, someone says to vote by show of hands is not democratic. Sorry, but what is more democratic?

“What is not democratic is to sneak electors who are not [worthy]. We must protect the club. We are many.

“Some people are willing to cheat. With a club like Madrid – which boasts an image of fair play – what kind of image do we offer when some members do not participate?

“Voting is direct, free and secret. At what cost? We’ll arbitrate change so Real Madrid covers [the cost]; we’ll put legal representatives in all provinces; and we’ll finish with the ghost of postal voting.”

Perez is currently in his second term as the club’s supremo, after replacing Ramon Calderon in 2009.

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