Ozil: If you play for Real Madrid, you learn to deal with critics

Mesut Ozil has revealed that he has learned to deal with criticism of his performances at Real Madrid and stated he is not worried by the arrival of Luka Modric.

The Germany international was picked out for below-par performances as Los Blancos failed to win their first three domestic games of the season and was replaced in the starting line-up by the former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder for the visit of Granada.

Nevertheless, the 23-year-old insisted that he is not phased by such issues as they are part and parcel of playing for one of the world’s biggest clubs.

“If you’re playing for Real, you have to live with these kind of of critics,” Ozil told Bild.

“And the way in which the Spanish media speaks is quite a bit tougher than in other countries. But we, as players for Real, learned to deal with this. If you can’t deal with it, you won’t make it with Real.
“Every Madrid player is always under pressure and has serious competition. Real have got a minimum of 18 players, not only 11. You get used to it. But it’s not about Ozil, Kaka or Modric…it’s all about Real.”

Ozil went on to offer his opinion as to why Madrid struggled in their opening games but affirmed that he and his team-mates will be firing on all cylinders soon enough.

“It is certain, Madrid aims for the highest goal. We as a team don’t have the right flow yet, but still it’s nothing lost. But we have to move and make progesses quickly.
“We are a little bit unlucky and don’t score enough goals. That’s the nature of football, to fight starting problems at the beginning of a season.”

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