third day of training

Well, not much happened on the third day of the pre-season (hence the very uninspired title of this post, which I do apologize for), so here’s a picture of Raúl Albiol enjoying himself in Menorca to keep you awake for the rest of this post.

The boys got to take a break from the Madrid heat, with only one training session on Wednesday.  Still, it was pretty hot when the afternoon session began at 17:30h.  All of the available first team members (minus Ricardo Carvalho, who once again had permission not to train) were joined by the 13 canteranos who had practiced with them during the two previous days, plus a new edition. Fabinho, an 18-year-old Brazilian rightback, has joined Castilla to make up for the departure of Dani Carvajal.  He comes to us from Rio Ave.

According to Marca, Karim Benzema will report for duty on July 23, the two Germans on July 24, the three Portuguese on July 25 and the five Spaniards on July 28.  Apparently, Cris wants to play in the Eusébio Cup, as Eusébio is one of his idols (if you think back, Eusébio was present as Cris’ presentation three years ago).  And wouldn’t it be nice if Sergio could stay on vacation just a bit longer, so that we can get more pictures like this one?  Random observation: I notice that his friend is wearing a Redskins cap, one that Sergio was just wearing a few days ago.

Other pre-season news:  Oviedo has confirmed the friendly against Madrid on July 24 at the Carlos Tartiere, which will be Madrid’s first game of the season.  However, the kick-off time has not been confirmed yet.  Oviedo (the club) is negotiating with the workers of the control tower at the airport to go off duty later, so that Madrid will be able to return to the capital immediately after playing in the game.  If they are able to come to an agreement, the game will be played at 20h.  If not, the game will be at 19h.

Castilla’s pre-season started on Wednesday as well.  The 11 available players did medical tests in the morning, and then trained in the afternoon.  The only new face was Quini, although according to AS, Madrid is working on signing additional players for Castilla to reinforce the squad.  The names mentioned were Borja García (Córdoba) and Lucas Pérez (Karpaty).  Jesé and Derik will join Castilla on July 25, and some of the players currently training with the first team will return to Castilla once the first team – with some of the canteranos – heads to the U.S. for the American leg of its pre-season.

How come Madrid didn’t give us shirtless photos from the first team’s physicals?  Not fair!  I demand equality!

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