Jose Mourinho admits he wants England return

Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho, has been linked to England’s Chelsea again, despite signing a new contract with Spain’s new champions.

The former Chelsea manager has signed a new deal with Real Madrid until 2016. However, he has been linked to a return to England and has continued to flirt with the possibility to go back.

At a press conference in Ankara, Turkey, Mourinho said that England would be better for his family, and it was just about enough for rumors to start saying he will go back to Chelsea.

The Portuguese coach said: “I have signed until 2016, but in a club like Madrid if you lose two consecutive games they can cancel your contract.”

“I hope to do as well as possible in these years as I am better than ever with 10 years of experience. In 2016 my daughter will be starting university and I would like to choose in which city she studies.

“London was distinct for me. I had a normal life there. In England the people are not interested in your personal life, but that is different in Spain and Italy. I need to protect my family.”

Sometimes it is not easy to be a public person, as the mass-media always watches you and your family. After winning the Primera Division with Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho can only wish to also win the Champions League with the Spanish club, but there are times in life when family is more important than personal desires, and if his family can do better in England, than it would be best he went back to Chelsea, there is plenty of work to do there.

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