Raul –> Schalke 04, done thing

Raul has already agreed to be player of Schalke 04. Gesch Rooney, German club representative, met last Friday with a great captain in Menorca, where the player spends his summer vacation, to tell the project and occupy the place it Raul. But the alma mater of the operation, according to AS has been told, is being Jörg Neubauer, the agent who brought Metzelder to Real Madrid and at the end of this campaign took him to own Schalke.

The agreement between Raul and the German club’s total, while the seven has requested more time to announce his new post, which will not happen until you return from vacation, on 15 July. Therefore, his march to the Bundesliga will not be official until that date. The preliminary agreement it has reached with the Schalke player is for two-year contract, claiming four million gross for each of them.

Raul has been appreciating with his family during the last few days the various offers she has received. Ferguson was interested in it (had several conversations with his agent), as Blackburn Rovers, who pushed hard, but now finds itself in a process of sale and interest has waned. Offers have also come from almost every American MLS teams, and this was a very appealing option for women’s soccer. As exotic places like Qatar. Even a team Calcio, the top of the table, had asked for him.

But Raul has seduced more than the offer of Schalke, who will compete in next season’s European Cup, of which he is Madrid’s top scorer with 66 goals.

Raul Madrid will exit through the front door. Mourinho has been reminded to stay and thus had a meeting with him upon arriving in Madrid, the same day of submission of the Portuguese coach. But the captain has been more the sense of responsibility. He knows that he will own and prefer to make way for the young talents are pushing hard. The July 15 events precipitated …

5 thoughts on “Raul –> Schalke 04, done thing”

  1. Raúl is one of the greatest players in the world, and now when he’s a bit older, he is just thrown out of the team like trash…
    People like Benzema can’t play in white shirt of Real Madrid…


  2. I will be Real’s fan again as soon as Mourinho’s out.

    bwin-marked t-shirt isn’t what makes Real, but what’s inside.

    For me, Shalke it is right now.

  3. I am,I will and will always remain one of the greatest fan of MADRIED but Iam unhappy with the behaviour done with RAUL .

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