Real Madrid bids €28m, Moratti wants €30m

The transfer of Maicon to Real Madrid seems a matter of hours. 48 hours, according to a report on Tuesday’s La Gazzetta dello Sport  which assures that only two million separate the Brazilian international side of the Bernabeu.

In Italy say that in the last hours have been no further contacts between Florentino Perez and Massimo Moratti, president of Real Madrid and Inter Milan to try to unlock a signing that takes weeks on a siding. According to various reports, the two leaders contacted by telephone on Monday to close positions. Real offer 28 million euros, while the Inter requests 30.

However, in Italy everyone is sure to progress Maicon Madrid. The player has made clear his desire to return to work under Jose Mourinho and Inter know that is usually not profitable to retain a player against his will.

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