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Jose Mourinho would not be free to express your feelings. In those golden moments for TV, the Portuguese appear that says the first thing that comes to mind. However, to Mou, the party starts at the press conference, trying to attract any attention to her figure and unnerve the opposition.

Mourinho is a man of headlines, not silent at nothing. Throughout this serial have surfaced of her pearls, many of them inseparable in understanding the various stages as a coach.

Then, you can enjoy some of the poison darts that Portuguese has left over his ten year career:

1. “I’m not the best in the world, but I think there’s nobody better than me.”

Mourinho celebrates qualifying for the final at the Nou Camp turf / AFP

2. “I am the Robin Hood of Italian football and this is why I like to stay at Inter.”

3. “Did you see the chances we had and our dominance in the field? We could have won 5-1 with me as a doorman.”

4. “I will work more, but I can not do miracles, I’m not Merlin or Harry Potter.”

5. “Barcelona is a cultural city with major theaters and this guy (Leo Messi) has learned well.’ve Learned comedy.”

6. “From what I have really afraid of is bird flu, I mean it is in Scotland, is not that far.”

7. “I do not want a player that is a perfect man, who is a professional ideal, which has a fantastic character, that’s the kind of man I want for my daughter.”

8. “I saw the Barcelona players angry with the referee, but his memory is very short,” he said in relation to shock Chelsea in last season’s Champions League.

9. “One of the things I like about Italy is the noise of the enemy. I gave my opinion as a free man in a free society and now have come the whispers of the enemy. Brrrrrrrrrrr …”.

10. “I’ll close this story privately, perhaps with a little humor: I hope his Christmas gift, because until now the only famous was Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea not (after a discussion with journalist Andrea Ramazzotti).
[Photo from the news]

11. “I aspire to change the football philosophy, there are no coaches with my own ideas.”

12. “I think Wenger is one of those people who call in England a voyeur. He likes to watch other people, there are some guys that when they are at home, have a huge telescope to see what other families are doing.”

13. “It’s always hard to miss for anyone not accustomed to losing. It is a characteristic of those who always win, I’m also a bit like that. It is not easy to admit it (the defeat) for a team.”

14. “Some people laugh after a win, for me there is no time to celebrate the successes”

15. “I do not make 9 million, perhaps 11, including 14 with the advertising.”

16. “Barcelona is a great club, but in 200 years of history have only won one European Cup. I am the only coach in the past few years and won the same European Cups than them.”

17. “I studied Italian five hours a day for several months to make sure we could communicate with the players, the press and fans. Ranieri has been five years in England and is still struggling to say good morning or good afternoon.”

18. “Only one among 21 voters did not want to give me the laurea honoris causa. It’s normal, Jesus was not nice at all, so I imagine.”

19. “Look at my haircut, I’m ready for war.”

20. “Three years without winning any Premier? Do not think that I still had work,” referring to Rafa Benitez.

21. “My history as coach can not be compared with Frank Rijkaard. He has not won a trophy and I have many.”

22. “If you train with Cambiasso and Zanetti, and improvements you might have a single neuron, and may not work very well.”

23. “If we settle the conflict at this point for me perfect. Ranieri spoke once and was happy, after I speak a second time and was happy, then a third time and was still happy. I have spoken once and was angry. If we settle the conflict at this point for me perfect. Three to one for him, but my goal was beautiful. ”

24. “If before a game my team put the film” Gladiator “, my players burst out laughing or call the doctor asking if I’m crazy” (referring to a practice of Ranieri before games). “Ranieri has forgotten his players are not children. ”

25. “If I worry Juve? Look at the circles that I have not sleep at night, in an ironic tone.

26. “They asked me if I have seen the match of Juve, and I said that I’ve seen up Amauri’s goal and then we stopped seeing as it had calamari for dinner.”

27. “We only have the Inter Channel with 45 thousand subscribers. While Milan has three television channels and a newspaper. Juve also has its own newspaper, Tuttosport. You can talk about intellectual manipulation if you compare the comments of the media in the plays controversial. A great work organized to manipulate public opinion. This is intellectual prostitution. ”

28. “Juventus and Milan were very happy in the 88th minute, they were also happy to 93 ‘but 95’ perhaps some television has flown out the window” (after interest before the Siena comeback that ended 4-3 in favor of Mourinho).

29. “Ranieri has said he does not need to win. At 70 years has won a Super Cup, a modest glass. Never has led major trophies, you may have to change their mentality, but maybe too old to do it.”

30. “I do not change, I am José Mourinho with all its qualities and all his faults” (in his debut as new coach of Real Madrid).

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