David Luiz on Mourinho’s list

David Luiz is the alternative chosen by Jose Mourinho in case failure of the signing of Maicon. Moratti has been intransigent about selling the right side (“Our intention is not to sell to us is very important”) and sees that his move to Madrid can encyst. No time to lose and David Luiz are thought to strengthen the defensive zone. Upon arrival, Mourinho gave his name for not doing what the Brazilian.

If Madrid signed into Portuguese, Mourinho would have to change the thinking that has over Ramos. He wants to Camas in the rear axle (“I love it as central,” he said), but if David Luiz was the signing, Ramos would have to play it or yes on the right side with Arbeloa, Pepe would be plants, Albiol, Garay (if not included in the operation Di Maria) and David Luiz and Marcelo would have left and Kolarov. Two for position as Mourinho wants.

At present, the Madrid is considering the market. They are aware that Benfica want to cash this summer and could use the money. Although Portuguese is the clause of 50 million euros, the player’s starting price would be around 30 million euros, which it offered in England. Real are not even willing to pay that amount. Its negotiation would be around 20 million euros.

The following Madrid David Luiz since last winter, which was when Pepe was injured. They saw it as a target for the winter market, but the response of plants that were in the club was so remarkable that it was necessary to strengthen the position in January.
More options.

The club is not the only target that has been interested in football. Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Inter and Milan have asked about him. But the Madrid Benfica expected to have preferential treatment to them, as the white club had it with all the Portuguese at the time. Saviola and Javi Garcia were there in excellent conditions and expect trading now David Luiz is advantageous.
Best defense 2010

David Luiz has been instrumental this year in the successes achieved by Benfica. It has been champions and have chosen as the defender of the year in Portugal. He has played 49 matches and scored four goals.

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