Real 3:2 Sevilla

Real Madrid reaches the climax in one night unforgettable (3-2).

The joint meringue gave a bath him to a Seville that was with a 0-2 thanks to two errors of Xabi Alonso. In second half, Pellegrini put to Guti and Van der Vaart, that made of their equipment an authentic cyclone. Christian Ronaldo, Segrio Branches and Van der Vaart wrote down the goals of the overcome one. LEADERS!

Seville left dominating before a Madrid that did not feel comfortable with the ball in its power. In addition, Xabi Alonso collaborated with the set Andalusian writing down a goal in own door when trying to avoid a closing of Negredo. The shock complicaba from the beginning, but was there when the white equipment began to react.

It did and it as we saw in Liga de Capello, but with one it differentiates. Tonight it bet by the good soccer. It played fast, intense and electrical. It entered much by left, but it knew to surprise by right. The occasions began to fall one behind another one. The unique thing that saved to Seville was San Palop, who was at a great level in spite of the three goals that fitted.

The Bernabéu pushed and the equipment of Jiménez was locked in back. The 1-1 was when falling, but it did not arrive. With a rain of soccer and opportunities on the part of Madrid it was arrived at the rest.

In the renewal, Pellegrini commanded to warm up to Guti, Barn, Van der Vaart and Raul. It needed to revolutionize to an equipment was doing that it well, but that, nevertheless, did not find the way of the goal. With the overturned white set, Dragutinovic wrote down 0-2. The Serb hung the ball from far, Xabi let it to Alonso pass and the ball ended up kissing the network. New error of the Spanish… and new midfield player as much of the equipment visitor. It seemed closed everything, but it was not thus.

Van der Vaart and Guti replaced Lass and Arbeloa for want of 35 minutes for the end. As always, one resorted to the magic of the Fourteen to look for the rempntada one. And, like almost always, the canterano meringue responded with a skillful class of soccer and you happen impossible.

Madrid continued coiling, although it needed luck. Whatsoever, justice arrived in the form of goals, those that obtained Christian Ronaldo (in the 60 ‘) and Sergio Branches (in the 64 ‘). Party tied in less than five minutes. Ecstasy in the Bernabéu and a hurricane in the field. And it is that, the men of Pellegrini had obtained most difficult, but they decided to go to by more. There it was where it appeared the immense figure of Palop, that saved time and time again to Seville.

Guti astonished at you pass between lines and spectacular plays. Between averages, closings to woods on the part of Higuaín, CR9 and the same Fourteen. Madrid was imposing before a rival who said to hold the tie. Pellegrini exhausted the changes giving entered Raul instead of an unfortunate Kaká. The captain was at a great level. It created danger and it knew to be associated with his companions.

In the end, and when it seemed that the 2-2 would be definitive, Van der Vaart took madness to Santiago Bernabéu being useful rejects of Palop. The Dutch took off the t-shirt he celebrated and it with rage next to its companions. A party and a championship had overcome. They gave them by deads, but they have revived and they follow there. They have given puñetazo in the table and follow intratables. He will be equal in Champions? We hope yes that.

The best thing: Partidazo of Real Madrid. Badly in the first fifteen minutes, sweeping in the rest of the encounter. It happened over its rival and it demonstrated to be at a spectacular level.

The worse thing: Seville. It was put ahead and it was scared. It did not know to win. It finished locked up and requesting the hour when we did not have been nor fifteen minutes. They danced and must thank to him for 3-2.

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