Bernd: Real M. without Ronaldo like a sleeping pill!

The former material coach Bernd left and explained no good hair at the royal ones that it is only worth itself to look plays from Real Madrid to if Cristiano Ronaldo is thereby.

Rumms! Bernd provided in Spain with his expressions for each quantity of excitement. The earlier German world soccer player, who both quoted for Real Madrid, whom FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid played, in the Marca: „Early one was it in such a way, there I plays of material only because of Zinedine Zidane looked at itself. Now I look only because of Cristiano the Ronaldo on without him am material like a sleeping pill. “

Boring material without CR9

Further: „If Cristinao Ronaldo plays, does not create it other players not to constitute the difference in a match. “Nevertheless with it not enough. Shoemaker continued to explain that he stood directly during his term of office (summers 2007 until December 2008) before an obligation of Top Stürmer David mansion, but some people in the association against it would have gesträubt themselves.

To the question, whether that had been for his part Reals captain Raúl, it answered with an ironical cough accumulation.

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