Real Madrid 6-2 Villareal

In the last game of 23the day of the Spanish Liga Real Madrid has made festivity on the Villarreal the “Bernabeu”, thus redeeming the defeat endured in week in Champions to Lione.

6-2 the end, with doppietta of Kakà (on rigor), doppietta of Higuaìn and nets of Ronaldo (that it has dedicated the goal to Madeira, the country where it has been born that in these days it suffers for the alluvioni) and Xabi Alonso on rigor in the end. The two nets of the Villarreal have been realized when still the game was opened and have been put to sign from Senna (that the 2-1) and Nilmar has siglato (that it has made the 3-2).

“Merengues” now of new to -2 from first Barcelona, Villarreal instead that it remains in 9a position.


At the team of Manuel Pellegrini defended again Arbeloa right. Ramos and Albiol formed the defense center. At foremost front Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo acted.

Matialla, Bruno Soriano and Fuster acted before strategist Senna. In the attack Nilmar received the preference/advantage opposite Llorente. Altogether the Garrido team was quite defensively aligned.


„The royal ones “transferred in the Bernabeu away from beginning the command. Minütlich erhähten the Madrilenen the pressure on „the yellow submarine “. In minute of 18 this was already rewarded. The Portuguese superstar Ronaldo brought table second via Freistoß in guidance. Later the 24-Jährige took only three minutes out an eleven-meter, which the Brazilian Kaka sovereign used. After Villarreals guidance player Senna the guests brought and provided ten minutes on 1:2 again for tension. Subsequently, happened nothing compelling up to the half time whistle of Referee Fernandez.


Nine minutes after reopening served Ronaldo storm partner Higuain ideally, the Argentinier gave itself no Blöße and increased on 3: 1. But table tenth let itself not shake off and remained persistent to. And in such a way the Garrido troop shortened Brazilian internationally Nilmar by the 14-maligen again. But before the meeting could take up again so correctly at tension, again Youngster Higuain slammed shut. With the 4:2, which was assisted of the agilen Marcelo, the meeting had finally run in favor of the record master. But this was not satisfied with it long. The two superstars Ronaldo and Kaka harmonierten further madly. Before end the ex one unit OD star served eleven minutes the Brazilian with the 5:2 exemplarily.


At the Madrilenen the quartet Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi Alonso and Higuain delivered outstanding achievements. That was quite often football of the finest one, which these four gentlemen offered.

The strongest participant with „the yellow submarine “was European champion Senna. In addition, it reduced with continuation of the portion ever more at achievement.


After the 3:2 reconciliation lay somewhat in air, Real Madrid staggered, but then again once an ingenious idea came of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese served Marcelo and its transverse passport had to only press Higuain over the line. The 2-Tore-Vorsprung was repaired and Real Madrid finally on the winner route

PLAYER OF THE PLAY: Cristiano Ronaldo

One hit and four Assists – more words does not have one to the achievement of the world soccer player 2008 losers. An absolute world class achievement!


Cesar Muniz Fernandez delivered one to a large extent sovereigns play line. Both the two eleven-meters and the six yellow maps were justifiable.
The spectators saw an extremely attractive portion with eight hits. None in this evening in the Bernabeu was, had to be coming to repent.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


With this conception and the five Scorer points is to be assumed heavily Crisiano Ronaldo could reduce its arrears clearly as of up-to-date the second in the Castrol rankings of 50 counters on Leader Lionel Messi.


Material a defensively extremely susceptible Villarreal won high-earned with 6 with an impressive conception against: 2.

Cristiano Ronaldo is which one OF the match against Villarreal, although Gonzalo Higuain and Kaka obtained double luggage.

Cristiano Ronaldo is each cent its replaces for Real Madrid worth. The Portuguese was also against Villarreal involved obtained a dream free impact in each dangerous action and.

Beautiful gesture

After the hit to the 1:0 it pointed a beautiful gesture, ventilated its shirt and showed a T-shirt with the label Madeira. It stated thereby its sympathy with the victims of the environment disaster on the Portuguese island. The superstar had grown up in the arm quarter, which was most strongly concerned.

Assistance offered

Before the portion he announced besides the fact that he will undertake everything so that is helped to the victims. Beside the gate Ronaldo was directly involved also in three further hits and carried out the ASSist.

Number one in the Castrol of ranking

In the Castrol of ranking the Portuguese is not in vain the number two, only struck by Lionel Messi. Altogether a world class conception of the most expensive soccer player of the world, which beside its sporty class, also its human factor out-turned.

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