Benzema about current situation in club

The French forward was not expected the participation of the Mali midfield player in the encounter of Champions. Thus he affirmed in a granted interview the daily AS. Whatsoever, he made clear that the fault of the happened thing in Gerland is unique and exclusively of the players.

It did not surprise the level to him of the Lyons: “I do not believe that the Olympique made its better party. We knew that they were physically going to be very strong and that well they would be placed. They raised to its level the one of Liga de Campeones”.

Its return to Gerland: “In fact, it did not know how they were going to me to receive nor how was going to me to feel. And finally I felt like proud by the applause and a little strange to be across”.

The ownership of Mahamadou Diarrá: “It was a small surprise because Lass has more custom to play. But we are a group and the trainer chooses”.

He defends to Manuel Pellegrini: “I do not believe that the fault is of Pellegrini. In the field it left very little than we had spoken. He made an equipment on the basis of how the Lyons plays. The tactical one was suitable according to the rival, and it is not possible either to be said that it lacked nobody important one on the game land. The fault was of the players”.

They already think about the return match: “We will overcome if we did not fit goals. I have much faith in the desire that east equipment has to follow ahead in the Champions. And also we can gain Liga”.

Too much people arrive: “We did not play with a system in which the bands are used much. If to that it is united that many of those of above we have the same characteristics, the result is that sometimes we cut the way”.

Its relation with Pellegrini: “When I have something to say to him, I say it. And he. But already it is. I know what I must do, to mark goals, and I do not need that they say it every day to me. I am not of that type of players that needs to speak much with the technician”.

It hallucinates with the soccer of Guti: “He is a super pin, but already it was abreast of him. Even so, when I began to train me in Madrid I saw that it was much more than it believed”.

A dream at individual level: “To gain the east Gold Ball year it continues being my objective. But to gain happens it to be able the Champions and soon to do great a World-wide one”.

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