Real crashed the Riazor tradition

Last night the derby played Deportivo and Real Madrid, where the Galacticos befallen better and won the Riazor with 3-1, and finally sursili tradition that has already lasted for about 19 years.

Although the Madridistas and missing Deportivo players, it is still more impact on the team from La Coruna. Real began to attack from the beginning of the game and created many chances, while those with Riazora retreated and defended. Chances to be set aside are the volley shot by Benzema mint defended Aranzubia. But not much time passed and Granero is iskortistio mistake Deportivo’s defense head and put the ball into the net 13. DEP 0-1 RM.

After Goals Real Madrid did not stop attacking, and created many chances which failed to Raul, and defended Aranzubia. Then came the most beautiful naked car or better to say that assistance is sent Guti fifth Benzema, who easily scored second goal for Galacticos in 40 minutes. DEP 0-2 RM.

The second half began with attacks Real Madrid, and most likely was that Kaka is amazing defended Deportivo’s goalkeeper. Riazor team is not taught, and began to attack, but these attacks were not enough to scores goal Iker Casillas, who had more work in the second than in the first half. What shocked Real Madrid players is that the penalty awarded Deportivo in the 87 ‘game. Penalty shots Riki is in the right side where the cast and Iker, but was strong and precise so that he could not defend. DEP 1-2 RM.

After the goals scored Riki, Deportivo is attacked and made pressure on the players of Real Madrid. However, this self Madridistas not want to allow and in the 90 ‘achieve the goal by Karim Benzema again. DEP 1-3 RM.

Something other than victory pleased Pellegrini is that Benzema finally also up and scored two goals in an important game for Real Madrid.



RM: Granero 13 ‘, Benzema 40’, 90 ‘

DEP: Riki 87 ‘


RM: /

DEP: Manuel Pablo, Juan Rodriguez, Juca


RM: Raul <Drenthe 79 ‘

DEP: Juca < Bodipo 84 ‘, Valeron < Ivan Perez 55’, Pablo Alvarez < Riki 75 ‘

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