“If I had faith in me, I would leave Madrid”


Is it difficult to break through from the quarry?

A youth product level must be taken to represent Madrid.You can not either.  Now I am much more player than when I went on loan at Getafe.

Is playing in Madrid is the biggest challenge there?

The major challenges I like.If you do not feel I can be important, had not returned. If I had no faith in myself,I would leave Madrid.

Even gave up money …

Anyone would have done the same.  I see that I earn more than what I have to win.  I have a very good salary, is what I deserve and I ask no more. Playing in the Madrid not paid with money. I am privileged.  Think is more greedy when you’re so lucky.

The goal has served to Mallorca claimed to …

I started well and then maybe I was a conservative in my game and I do not benefit.

What a mounted when he left the stadium before the end of the party of Tenerife.Does that hurt?

That you realize what moves the Madrid medially. You da bomb to trifles. If I started playing less it was not for things outside football.  I had no problems with Pellegrini and with peers.

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