2-0: Christiano grave at Malaga but ends up expelled again

Real Madrid have overtaken Malaga at the Bernabeu to keep looking over the horizon to Barca, solid leader Liga at the end of the first round. Despite this poor game beyond the white, you can pay the toll of Pellegrini Riazor where they are no Cristiano Ronaldo sent off for a very just Mtiliga aggression – that should be reviewed by the Committee Counsel – in his second expulsion only half a league. It was the icing to a party where the Luso did it all.
The demand for home Málaga

The tribute to the Bernabeu would devote to Van Nistelrooy (who has gone to Hamburg), probably the most profitable signing in recent years along with Gonzalo Higuain, not moved on the grass in part by the apathy of the whites but also for the serious approach of the Andalusians. Malaga, who throughout the first lap was not lost by more than two goals, surprised the whites in the breaks Duda, Fernando and Caicedo but his powder, toys, crashed into the crossbar in a stike and head Casillas into a new performance goal providential merengue.

Guti, to the rescue

The Bernabeu public tired of bland and ineffective play of their own and half an hour and started the concert wind. Until then, the galactic background was a left-footer that pulled down by Guti Munúa splendidly. And is that the ’14 ‘white, a few months to pack, it seems only he can do carburize yours. Kaka plays in slow-motion, Benzema every day more reminiscent of Cristiano Ronaldo Anelka while constantly fight with the world. The Luso pulled at least twice the spine in two actions arising out of the left by Guti. The two and a half minutes between the 1-0 and 2-0 into the crowd calmed down and made quee Muniz resistance of out history.

The Malaga fakes and exalted Christiano

On resumption, the team was left Malaga faith of the comeback in the dugout and did you shoot on Casillas. This is difficult to match the 2-0 even though the whites, in a childish Cristiano Ronaldo to stay with ten twenty minutes. The nose lusopartió Mtiliga and saw straight red Perez Lasa. Besides Riazor miss the game, one of the taboo of the white enclaves in recent days, it could be without playing a game more if the Committee comes to office and appreciates aggression.

Moreover, the resumption accentuar served to the wrong time of Kaka, the discomfort of the Bernabeu with changes Pellegrini (whistle at the start of Guti), the call to the ownership of Barn (which grazed the goal in a big share) and Raul is not to replace Cristiano in A Coruña.

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