Adebayor na posudbu

Nije kome je re?eno, nego kome je su?eno. Naime, kao što je poznato prvi na listi želja kraljevskog kluba bio je Holan?anin, Nisterloj koji je imao veliku želju da se vrati na mjesto uspjeha, nažalost nije se mnogo pitao, pa je igra? Man?ester sitija, Emanuel Adebajor „proslije?en“ Murinjo, odnosno Real Madridu. Reprezentativac Togoa karijeru je trebalo da nastavi u Francuskoj, ta?nije Monaku, ali prevelika želja visokog centarfora prevagnula je da se odlu?i za „merengese“.
Ako zadovolji, postoji mogu?nost da španski klub otkupi njegov ugovor na kraju sezone, potvrdili su i Siti i Real.

– Real Madrid i Man?ester siti su postigli dogovor na osnovu kojeg ?e Adebajor igrati na pozajmici u španskom klubu. Igra? ?e ostati u Realu do kraja sezone, a postoji mogu?nost da klub otkupi igra?ev ugovor – stoji na Realovom sajtu.

Real je tako okon?ao potragu za napada?em koji ?e nadomjestiti Iguainovo odsustvo.

Oezil new member of our squad

After Di Maria, Khedira and Carvalho, Jose Mourinho’s team signed Mesut Oezil.
Mesut Ozil (15-10-88, Gelsenkirchen, West Germany) lands at Real Madrid after a standout performance at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The midfielder earned a permanent spot on Germany’s senior side by the age of 21 after winning the 2009 Under-21 European Championship. His unique touch, unmatched individual technique, excellent ball control and deadly last pass make the German midfielder one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in European football.

A constant work in progress, Mesut Ozil has quickly earned a reputation as an elegant and versatile midfielder. His knack for the final pass, his free-flowing movement on every third of the pitch and his exquisite left foot earned Ozil a spot in Shalke 04’s academy in 2005. It only took one season for the midfielder to earn his promotion to the first team and he made his Bundesliga debut at the age of 17.

During the winter transfer window 0f 2008, Ozil completed a switch to Werder Bremen, where he played over 60 matches and scored 13 goals. With Werder, the midfielder went on to win the 2009 DFB Cup and the 2009 DFL Supercup. On an individual level, Ozil was rewarded for his outstanding Bundesliga play by being named the best player of the first leg of the 2009 season.

Ozil is paving the way for the German national team’s new generation of players. Although of Turkish decent, his entire life has been committed to Germany. He played for the Under-17 side and moved his way up to the Under-21 side, which won the 2009 European Championship. Ozil provided two assists and scored a goal in the final against England.

His debut with the senior side dates back to 12 August 2009, when Germany defeated Azerbaijan. Ozil continued to impress in World Cup qualifiers and by the end of the 2010 World Cup was among the ten finalists for the Golden Boot.

Raul –> Schalke 04, done thing

Raul has already agreed to be player of Schalke 04. Gesch Rooney, German club representative, met last Friday with a great captain in Menorca, where the player spends his summer vacation, to tell the project and occupy the place it Raul. But the alma mater of the operation, according to AS has been told, is being Jörg Neubauer, the agent who brought Metzelder to Real Madrid and at the end of this campaign took him to own Schalke.

The agreement between Raul and the German club’s total, while the seven has requested more time to announce his new post, which will not happen until you return from vacation, on 15 July. Therefore, his march to the Bundesliga will not be official until that date. The preliminary agreement it has reached with the Schalke player is for two-year contract, claiming four million gross for each of them.

Raul has been appreciating with his family during the last few days the various offers she has received. Ferguson was interested in it (had several conversations with his agent), as Blackburn Rovers, who pushed hard, but now finds itself in a process of sale and interest has waned. Offers have also come from almost every American MLS teams, and this was a very appealing option for women’s soccer. As exotic places like Qatar. Even a team Calcio, the top of the table, had asked for him.

But Raul has seduced more than the offer of Schalke, who will compete in next season’s European Cup, of which he is Madrid’s top scorer with 66 goals.

Raul Madrid will exit through the front door. Mourinho has been reminded to stay and thus had a meeting with him upon arriving in Madrid, the same day of submission of the Portuguese coach. But the captain has been more the sense of responsibility. He knows that he will own and prefer to make way for the young talents are pushing hard. The July 15 events precipitated …

Raul will reveal his future to the club before July 10

Raul’s future is in the air, although there is less to know. The captain, who is vacationing, White club will communicate its decision by July 10 to determine not planning any sport (the team’s preseason starts five days later.)

Before leaving with his family, Raul had the opportunity to speak to Mourinho, who made it clear that he has to be your Materazzi. And the 7 still pondering what to do. AS reported last March 19 that the player would not put obstacles to leave Madrid this summer. Do not want to be a drag, but the entity has in its hands the choice to continue with the year of his contract remaining or leaving. And although it has not yet announced if he continues in Madrid (17th season would be his target) or not, deals not go missing. As yesterday reminded the British Daily Express, Manchester United came to consider the signing of Raul if the player decided to leave the club Real Madrid but eventually dismissed because of his age. The idea of signing blank master technician would match the Red Devils, Sir Alex Ferguson, a great admirer of the player.

“What I want is to play,” said Raul. And that seems to make a Blackburn Rovers, where his friend militates Salgado.


The competitive gene captain, he still remains one year contract, is to look at the Premier welcomed, as the Bundesliga, where Schalke 04 also has strong call to your door. The other option is to move to the Major League Soccer. His name has been linked to Los Angeles Galaxy and New York Red Bulls, a prospect that pleases his wife Mamen Sanz: “I do not mind living in the U.S..”

Di Maria is in RM this week

The signing of the Madrid Di Maria will take office this week if there are no last minute complications. Luis Filipe Vieira, president of Benfica, planned to travel to Madrid on Friday to meet with Florentino and closing the transaction, but the white president’s trip to Jordan by a commitment to the Foundation aborted meeting.

Still remains a fringe is made for the transfer of the Argentine official, although, as previously reported by AS, there is agreement between the clubs since 16 June. The final price would be EUR 25 million and Argentina have signed for five years.

The Madrid club have yet to sign the agreement Vieira (in the neighboring country said yesterday that it might not even be necessary to move to the capital of Spain) and communicate it to the National Securities Market, which will be to give officers the handover, the figures communicate signing.

In Portugal it is believed that the president wants to wait embodied in early July (Thursday is day 1) because the transfer of Di Maria would then be reflected in next year’s accounts and not on this.