Guti: “He who does not believe my injury is going to take poppy”

The Real Madrid player, Jose Maria Gutierrez ‘Guti’, has staged a news conference marked by tension after training in Valdebebas.  Guti, who has just returned to the dynamics of the team after overcoming a long injury, has responded with some hard questions from reporters.One issue, which questioned the importance of injury has been described by the player as “ridiculous”. “I am a Real Madrid player and what I want is to play forever. Please game is because I’m injured, that is what creates good and not to be take to the field poppy, “he assured.

Guti turned against Mallorca after more than two months of absence and returned also to appear before the Press in a particularly sour tone. The midfielder became defensive when questioned the length of his injury: “I do not have to answer, but the doctor. And if you do not believe me, look at the scans and hematoma. I have to explain. I want play as if I do it because I’m hurt. He who creates, well, and no, that is going to take to the field poppies.

Asked whether he had a clear conscience, he replied: “You see you see poor sleep?” You see me with dark circles? My conscience is clear and I feel fine. ”  “You see me hurt or bitter?’m In the prime of my life.’m Healthy and happy. I spent Christmas with my children and I have no sense of the Press. There’s nothing wrong with it. Did you see me stick with someone? look psychologist rather than a journalist, “he snapped at a reporter in the newsroom Valdebebas.  He also said he has not received any offers to leave: “I do not plan to leave. I want to retire at Real Madrid.”

With respect to Barcelona, reiterated a familiar argument: “I always lose. Another thing is that you do not see that is a great team and can go up against any rival, it has a wide template.’s Doing things right and giving opportunities to players of the quarry. In any event, if it falls in the Cup would be a failure and could focus on two major competitions, and the Champions League. ”

Guti also spoke of the substitution of Raul: “I see him as always. Will minutes and make important goals. And within, or outside, will be a reference. In all the teams, there have been major players in the time alguun they happen not to play. This happened even with Zidane and Figo.

Guti believes the two months he has been off “the team has improved a lot, is more compact, more aggressive and more dynamic up. Either way, it was normal that with so many good players the team began operating soon. And finally talked about Sergio Canales, young Racinguista Madrid where he intends to “Canales is one player with a lot of projection. Before the Sevilla also showed great coolness in facing Palop to score two goals. It needs quiet. His only obsession henceforth should be played and continue to mature. If continues, Madrid want him and all others. “

Kaka sretni u Španiji nego u Italiji

Kaka priznaje da je do sada sretni igrajuci u Španiji nego u Italiji sa Milanom.

Kaka je napustio Milan proslog ljeta.

Pricajuci sa Španskim Cadena Ser,Kaka je rekao: “Ja uzivam vise ovdje zato sto je ovdje stil nogometa koji je vise otvoren,bogati je tehnicki.”

“Italijanski je vise takticke,vise studijski,kao treningske sezone.”

“Ovdje vise radimo na tehniki,sa loptom,vise sutamo i manje takticki igramo.”

Kaka je isto izjavio da mu se nije isto svidjalo psovanje u Italiji.

“Ne volim to.Ja ne podnosim psovke.Ovdje u Španiji,ljudi manje psuju nego u Italiji.Nekada u Italiji sam trazio od svojih suigraca da ne psuju.Nije bog kriv ako oni promase gol ili lose dodaju.

Cristiano Ronaldo je impresionirao Zidanea

Cristiano Ronaldo se pridruzio Ral Madridu iz Man Utd-a proslog ljeta i Portugalski internacionalac je igrao odlicno do sada za Real.Legenda kluba Zinedine Zidane je rekao za novinare da je impresioniran time kako se Ronaldo adaptirao klubu.

“Ronaldov stil igre fascinira.I kratko vrijeme za koje je se adaptirao za Primeru je i vise nego impresivno,”rekao je Zidane za Iznews.

“On je specialan igrac po meni.Njegov visoki nivo igre je pomogao igri cijelog tima.Odlicno je vidjeti da je vec postao rekorder u klubu,a tako je mlad.”

Zinedine Zidane je isto pricao i o Barceloni i dodao je da su Iniesta i Messi odlicni.

“Stvarno volim stil igranja Inieste.On je vazan igrac za Barcelonu i uvijek prvo misli na tim.Medjutim,Messi je odlican igrac.Ti znas da ce se nesto desiti kada on dodirne loptu.”