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    DEAR sir./madam

    We from India,s – in world big Information Technology & Bio-Technology
    hub Banglore based coffee county Resorts & SPA.
    It is America’s Bigger then Information Technology & In world Leading number
    2 soft ware Export hubs,Space hubs,Aironotic hubs,Also in world kinds of Software
    companies Huge investment to Banglore.So Banglore 10 Million
    more Software tekkiys ,Revelers etc .
    So Banglore star hotels always 100% Occupahancy business.So corporates Exports,revelers, etc a night staying fly to 1400KM. So we planed set up 300 Individual poolvilla’s , SPA ,Golf Resort.
    Its Banglore based Coffee County Resorts & SPA, we registered company,we had Own commercial site ,it is total 140 more ac or,It is always rich green coffee estate,site exesting 2 number big lakes for Booting,site had always rich
    green kinds of green trees, kinds of Bird sangs-watching ,peacock
    sounds, nature steadies, treking in side the green coffee estate, step
    into hanging bridge,tourist visit to 400 more 12 centuries King HOYSALA,S
    time handmade by stone carving jewelry works Incredible!

    Also its temples world fame’s. Site in world kinds of green coffee estate in side
    trails,SPA , Golf. It site attractive in world kinds of rich & long time
    staying tourists, Revelers. Also site view 3 side open-to-Sky step by step
    earth cutting kinds of coluors Paddy cove amazing View !

    Also Resort site located 5 big Software Exports hubs & Biotechnology hubs
    cities,3 big SEZ zones,2 Internatinal airports, 5 corporats cities,7 Univesrsities & world
    heritage UNESCO approved 4 heritage center nearest our resort site.

    Also resort place Sakaleashpur-Hassan always rich floating zone from
    International & Domestic tourists.Also place had India’s all metro cities connect NH 4 lane Bus & Trains Roads.

    We planed attracive world wide difference kinds of rich long time staying tourists & attractive Asian paci-fic Region contries golf plays,Honey moon rs, cupples etc.
    Its one pool villa, 12 squires, 2 number open-to-Sky, courtyard,Lobby,leaving
    hall, swimming pool,etc.

    It is truly Old Charm type of concept pool villa’s, so rich attractive world wide IT & BT companies, Honey moon rs, cupples, corporates, International & Domestic delegations,Golf players, Revelers,Kinds of rich,long time staying tourists, etc.

    Also we planed Affiliate like RCI etc groups. Also we planed Install India’s all metro cities Booking Agents & world wide also in Banglore.

    So coffee county pool villa,s always absolutely 100% occupancy business.
    NOTE: we get all permition from govt. of department,So we looaking by stand 300 number individual pool villa’s 80-Million USD Investor.

    Also we planed start business from 80 number individual pool villa’s ,its
    construction time 10 month, investment villa’s before 3-4month we start online Booking.

    Coffeecounty resort offers its customers & range of accommodation from 5star.

    Also we planed kinds of Tariff individual pool villa’s for AP plane, Like one pool villa weekdays-780US$. weekend days 860US $, X-mas Holidays 1090US$.Also we planed kinds of Packages, Like Holidays packages,monsoon package, Honeymoon’s Package etc, it is Kinds of Tariff.we provesn Eco-torism,

    Also we planed setup resorts India’s all metro cities & Asian paci-fic Region.So we send to you coffee county pool villa’s Proposal bird eye view files etc, send to us your email-id

    contact us by skype-id

    we request you contact immediate-Don’t hesitate us, it is rich
    opportunity for you & send to us proposal consern email address.

    This site in world kinds of coluors view,kinds of view individual
    poolvilla’s SPA, Golf Resort.Fully Eco-frendly RichGreen attractive Resort.
    NOTE we get all permitioan from govt of department.

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