Cristiano shows his abs for Armani

For months, word had leaked that Cristiano Ronaldo would be the new face of Armani. But so far none of the catalog pictures starring the Portuguese midfielder for Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans Underwear had seen the light.  The Italian company has yet to publish pictures of Christian models showing off their spring-summer 2010, although it was leaked a few snapshots taken by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

According to sources in Armani, “Cristiano is a professional advertising. That’s because in the prestigious Italian brand has caught the player’s empathy with the camera.  It is true that Christianity itself has always recognized feel very comfortable making advertising campaigns. Hence there is naturally faced with the challenge of keeping up to Armani.

Xabi Alonso: “Nadam se da ?u igrati na San Mamesu”

Xabi Alonso se oporavio od povrede.Igra? je pri?ao sa medijima posle treninga.

“Trenirao sam dobro danas,ali i dalje nisam sasvim oporavljen.Imam još vremena da se oporavim prije subote.Ja se nadam da ?u mo?i igrati.”

“Igrao sam u mnogo Baskijskih derbija kada sam bio u Real Sociedadu i atmosfera na San Mamesu je uvijek bila spektakularna.Ja se nadam da ?e biti ista i sa Real Madridom.Navija?i Bilbaoa su specialni i uvijek su uz svoj tim.Svaki igra? želi da igra u utakmici kao onoj u suboti.”

“Što više napredujemo,više ?emo uspješni biti.Važno je da se adaptiramo na svaku situaciju.Trener ?e te pitati da uradiš jednu stvar ili drugu zavisi od igra?a koliko ima na raspolaganju.Igrao sam bliže napadu sa Gagom na mojoj strani.Ja pokušavam da dadnem svoje najbolje svaki put kada igram.”

“Pokušavamo da se fokusiramo na nas a ne na to šta Barcelona radi.Mi želimo da napredujemo i u napadu i u odbrani.Barcelona je jak i solidan tim,sa vrlo definiranim stilom.Oni su jak protivnik.Vrijeme ?e re?i da li je njihova eliminacija iz kupa Kralja dobra za nas ili nije.”

U ?etiri godine ?etiri pobjede na San Mamesu


Real Madrid ?e igrati na San Mamesu u subotu u 20:00 sati.Madridiste su pobjedile zadnje ?etiri utakmice na ovom stadionu.

Real Madrid je po?eo svoj pobjedni?ki niz protiv Bilbaoa 22 septembra 2005 na Bernabeu.Robinho (52′) i Raul (64′ , 68′) su dali tri gola,a prije njih je dao gol Woodgate u 24′.

Zadnje utakmice sa Athleticom Bilbaom
Sezona Datum Rezultat Golovi
05/06 22/09/05 3-1 Raul (2); Robinho
05/06 11/02/06 0-2 Robinho; R. Bravo
06/07 03/12/06 2-1 Ronaldo; R.Carlos
06/07 29/04/07 1-4 Ramos; Van Nistelrooy (2); Guti
07/08 08/12/07 0-1 Van Nistelrooy
07/08 27/04/08 3-0 Saviola; Robben; Higuain
08/09 26/10/08 3-2 Sneijder; Higuain (2)
08/09 14/03/09 2-5 Robben; Heinze; Huntelaar (2); Higuain

Real Madrid i Athletic Bilbao su,sa Barcelonom,jedini timovi koji oduvijek igraju u Primeri.Rivalitet izme?u ova dva kluba je veliki.Igrali su 156 puta,76 puta je pobjedio Real,a 49 Bilbao,a 31 put je bilo neriješeno.

Guti: “He who does not believe my injury is going to take poppy”

The Real Madrid player, Jose Maria Gutierrez ‘Guti’, has staged a news conference marked by tension after training in Valdebebas.  Guti, who has just returned to the dynamics of the team after overcoming a long injury, has responded with some hard questions from reporters.One issue, which questioned the importance of injury has been described by the player as “ridiculous”. “I am a Real Madrid player and what I want is to play forever. Please game is because I’m injured, that is what creates good and not to be take to the field poppy, “he assured.

Guti turned against Mallorca after more than two months of absence and returned also to appear before the Press in a particularly sour tone. The midfielder became defensive when questioned the length of his injury: “I do not have to answer, but the doctor. And if you do not believe me, look at the scans and hematoma. I have to explain. I want play as if I do it because I’m hurt. He who creates, well, and no, that is going to take to the field poppies.

Asked whether he had a clear conscience, he replied: “You see you see poor sleep?” You see me with dark circles? My conscience is clear and I feel fine. ”  “You see me hurt or bitter?’m In the prime of my life.’m Healthy and happy. I spent Christmas with my children and I have no sense of the Press. There’s nothing wrong with it. Did you see me stick with someone? look psychologist rather than a journalist, “he snapped at a reporter in the newsroom Valdebebas.  He also said he has not received any offers to leave: “I do not plan to leave. I want to retire at Real Madrid.”

With respect to Barcelona, reiterated a familiar argument: “I always lose. Another thing is that you do not see that is a great team and can go up against any rival, it has a wide template.’s Doing things right and giving opportunities to players of the quarry. In any event, if it falls in the Cup would be a failure and could focus on two major competitions, and the Champions League. ”

Guti also spoke of the substitution of Raul: “I see him as always. Will minutes and make important goals. And within, or outside, will be a reference. In all the teams, there have been major players in the time alguun they happen not to play. This happened even with Zidane and Figo.

Guti believes the two months he has been off “the team has improved a lot, is more compact, more aggressive and more dynamic up. Either way, it was normal that with so many good players the team began operating soon. And finally talked about Sergio Canales, young Racinguista Madrid where he intends to “Canales is one player with a lot of projection. Before the Sevilla also showed great coolness in facing Palop to score two goals. It needs quiet. His only obsession henceforth should be played and continue to mature. If continues, Madrid want him and all others. “