Jesus Navas on target

The end of Seville is happy to be in the agenda of the white club. Whatsoever, it wants to concentrate in his present equipment and not to think about the future.

Jesus Navas is one of the persecuted players more during the last weeks. Real Madrid has been interested in him and the mass media look for the most explosive declarations of the player.

Wednesday, and after winning in France, the end of Seville spoke on its situation and recognized that he is “illusory” to be in the agenda of the white club. “That means that I am making the things good”, it added.

Whatsoever, it made clear that he is very happy in Sanchez Pizjuán, reason why now only thinks about “being trim” with his present equipment.

Bernd: Real M. without Ronaldo like a sleeping pill!

The former material coach Bernd left and explained no good hair at the royal ones that it is only worth itself to look plays from Real Madrid to if Cristiano Ronaldo is thereby.

Rumms! Bernd provided in Spain with his expressions for each quantity of excitement. The earlier German world soccer player, who both quoted for Real Madrid, whom FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid played, in the Marca: „Early one was it in such a way, there I plays of material only because of Zinedine Zidane looked at itself. Now I look only because of Cristiano the Ronaldo on without him am material like a sleeping pill. “

Boring material without CR9

Further: „If Cristinao Ronaldo plays, does not create it other players not to constitute the difference in a match. “Nevertheless with it not enough. Shoemaker continued to explain that he stood directly during his term of office (summers 2007 until December 2008) before an obligation of Top Stürmer David mansion, but some people in the association against it would have gesträubt themselves.

To the question, whether that had been for his part Reals captain Raúl, it answered with an ironical cough accumulation.

Tenerife 1:5 Real Madrid

Tenerife was synonymous of tragedy for Real Madrid. They have spent many years from those fiascos of principles of the ninety, but he was inevitable that appeared the past ghost of Ligas duranta the previous one of the encounter. Nevertheless, as soon as the ball threw to roll Gonzalo Higuaín was in charge to frighten any fear and to assure the three points to raise itself with the leadership of provisional way. Initially Young, Alfaro and company made think that they could emulate the feats of Pier Luigi Querubino and Quique Estebaranz thanks to an intense pressure got with it to drown the visitors. Real Madrid was surprised by brave inicho of the chicharreros, that defended with much seriousness and they did not leave hollows. The encounter painted complicated for those of Pellegrini. Little by little they were entering heat, but the goal did not arrive until Marcelo invented a genius inspired by Zidane and after drawing one roulette injected passes vertical between the power stations so that Higuaín did what better it knows to do: to mark goals. The Argentinean defined with sutilidad and to the first touch with zurdazo cruzado. The Tenerife did not stagger after the first blow. Its good work had not had prize, but the things would get worse before the rest. To the 41 minutes, Garay gathered a ball in the right flank of the area after remaining hung of a corner serve, and touched to the frontal, where it appeared Higuaín to mark the first touch again. The party followed the habitual script of the encounter of the Tenerife against the great ones. It made the duties well, but even so it received an excessive punishment and it finished being made goals. Nothing else to begin second half, Ayoze trimmed distances in an controversial play that throws firewood to the fire of the Villarato, but did not have importance because immediately later Kaká gave back both advantage goals to the targets. Far from to both tranquilize the party with goals in the first minutes of the renewal, the encounter became a taking and Dacca at speed of vertigo. The occasions followed one another in both areas, which allowed Squares to make up for of the fitted goal and to shine its reflections, which in addition showed the deficiencies expensive goal of the premises. With the Tenerife blinded by his offensive soccer, it began to leave hollows to the backs of the power stations that Christian Ronaldo and Kaká were useful to like themselves and to offer spectacle. The targets operated the spaces to leave to the con in speed and made goal occasions to clear the made goals one, but as much it arrived from the eleven meters, with a maximum pain transformed by Ronaldo Christian. And in the discount until Raul it was added to the celebration and it added the fifth a happens of Van der Vaart. In the end, victory of a Real Madrid that was very serious in Tenerife and ahead removed with comfort a party more complicated than seemed. The targets left to clothes like provisional leaders, in the hope of which Barcelona did.

Mejías dreams about arriving at the first team

The next season is shuffled its name like substitute of Dudek.

The march of Jerzy Dudek will leave to vacancy the position of substitute doorman of Real Madrid the next season and the white set shuffles several names to replace to him. The canterano Tomás Mejías is one of the firmest options to cover the march with the Pole.

“Like any madridista canterano and in addition, my goal and dream are to arrive at the first team, declared Mejías in the official Web of Real Madrid.

“I am a privileged person to have grown in a club like Madrid and to have happened through almost all categories”, added the doorman, who at the moment is holder in Real Madrid C.

“I am what I am thanks to the foundations that have constructed the technicians of doormen who I have had; me they taught everything to it”, added.

Matusevich: Kaká is great!

Kaká is undergoing the harassment of the press that already has obtained what looked for: the pitidos of Santiago Bernabéu are fruit of the broth of culture in his against. Against the critics, Ivar Matusevich is asked: They prefer the rivals whom Kaká, Granero or Lass play? You have the answer!

Kaká, is not in its fullness, it has not reached still its soccer ceiling and from we have let it here know precise in each party in which its performance was not around which he, crack, can give.

Nevertheless, the critics despiadadas towards their game seem unjust to us and, even, interested. The certainty of the campaign already has obtained that some sector of Santiago Bernabéu whistled to a phenomenon that ended up marking two goals. He is not that more serious than the given silbatina to Channels in the Camp Nou? Everyone that it loaded with his scale of values.

Very to weigh, I have been witness of how they attack the paulista by whenever it loses a ball or by each situation where it does not solve like genius. The hierarchy of the champion of the world, of the Series To and of the Champions League, is not sufficient for which they wonder why exempt Pellegrini Barn instead of a Kaká.

If some does not know the answer, I will try from my perspective, to clarify the doubts: the Chilean does not change to Kaká because he needs to play, needs to mark and because, among other things, a photo hers, has more quality than the rest of mediocampo together of Real Madrid.

Why we did not ask the rival technicians who are the players different from Real Madrid? There would be some did not include the Brazilian? Of course, no. Preguntadle to the technician of the Lyons if it prefers that Kaká, Granero or Lass play. The answer would be, anyone except the 8.

Then, we doubted everything, but not than it implies to cultivate the controversy, we doubted the talent because the muscle is more understandable in the kingdom of the mediocrities, and justified in the canterano origin, the decisions of the technician to change one of them.

Cracks, at the moment the season cannot leave never, because with the abundance of commitments they train playing and they are those that, hypothetical, they will make you gain parties and championships. Kaká, in this sense, never hides, never escapes to him to the responsibility to try to make play an equipment with a clear slogan: the direct game.

He is not simple for the paulista, knowledgeable of the rates of a party, to adapt to the unique march that to the Higuaín distancings of and Cristiano mark. The same happens to him to Xabi that, with Lass to its side, plays worse and less. Madrid needs to Guti, Barn, Kaká. He needs that their forwards come to look for and generate spaces to kill by outside, as happened before the Xerez with that one goal of Arbeloa.

Still not knowing the game-control-possession-space, Real Madrid and Kaká are frightful, because the beaten one of this set is outside all discussion and its defense is of first level in terms of solidity. By the others, we will see how you are used one’s wits when a rival lowers the rate to them, rob the ball to them and have as much quality more or than they in the areas. Before this kind of problems, and more than ever, the key man will be Kaká, although many request their change. God, perdónalos, do not know what… they say.