Where will Erling Haaland end up this summer?

Erling Haaland is a prolific goal scorer who is currently playing his trade for Borussia Dortmund in the German first division. The odds for Haaland to make a summer move are constantly changing with football fans changing their bets just like the way that roulette chips are placed across different numbers on independent casinos UK like here where players are also changing the numbers that they bet on just as they are betting on different clubs for Haaland to sign for.

 How much is Haaland worth?

Transfers for football players have been increasing over the past few seasons and Haaland has gone up a lot in value with him now being valued at well over 200 million. Chelsea had a bid of 100 million rejected when they tried to sign him the last transfer window and they did not offer more with football fans expecting that Chelsea could have signed him for around 150 million. 

With the goals and records that Haaland currently has he would be well worth the money for whichever club has the money to stump up and buy him. Real Madrid is a club that has the kind of money to get Haaland, but it all depends on if Madrid sign Mbappe on a free transfer from PSG are it has been reported that Haaland would prefer not to be in a team with another big, profiled player such as Mbappe due to him wanting to be the standout superstar.

Will Real Madrid sign him?

This all depends on if Real Madrid is ready to spend a large amount of money on one player or if they would prefer to sign a few players for the same value. With financial fair play now being in place as well, it would be hard for any team to sign Haaland with him expected to be the most expensive transfer of all time.

Real Madrid is one of the favourites to sign him in the summer, but it also depends on the player and if he would prefer a move to Madrid over other clubs that will most likely be putting in bids for him as well. The summer transfer window will be for sure a battle between different clubs for Haaland’s signature and now Real Madrid looks to be the front runners in the race.

You can see with the information above where Haaland is expected to move to, but this is football and with transfers, anything can happen.

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