All Confirmed & Leaked 2020/21 Kits From the Premier League and Around Europe

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By this time of year, we’d normally be in the full flow of summer. But everything in 2020 has been pushed back several months by the coronavirus crisis, which means it is only now, as the 2019/20 campaign finally nears its end, that fans are beginning to cast their eye to new kits for next season.

Here’s a rundown of every confirmed and leaked Premier League kit for 2020/21 so far, as well as a handful of others from Europe’s biggest clubs.

Home (leaked): The 2020/21 Arsenal home kit looks as though it will use a darker shade of red than the Gunners are typically used to. There is a graphic pattern, which is currently a common theme in shirt design, while the sleeve cuffs appear unusually large.

Away (leaked): The 2020/21 Arsenal away kit is said to be inspired by the iconic marble halls at the club’s former home at Highbury. The shorts are expected to be maroon, paired with white socks, making it a similar look overall to the 2007/08 away strip.

Third (leaked): Peach/light orange trim is a nice complement to the dark blue base colour of Arsenal’s expected third shirt. The graphic is subtle yet serves to give it a definite wow factor.

Home: They may not even be a Premier League team by next season, but Bournemouth are already wearing their 2020/21 home kit following its launch last month – and it’ll be available to buy on the club’s store.

Home: Chelsea say the herringbone-knit pattern featured on their 2020/21 shirt is inspired by fine London tailoring. It features dark blue trim rather than typical white trim, and is the first Chelsea jersey to feature mobile network Three as the primary sponsor. It’s available from 9 July on Nike’s website.

Away (leaked): Not a great deal is known about Chelsea’s 2020/21 away kit other than its expected colour scheme. It is thought that the main colour will be a light shade of blue, matched with darker blue trim, and likely some sort of design graphic.

Third (leaked): The third kit Chelsea will wear next season incorporates a striped design that no matter how hard you try looks distinctly like something Crystal Palace would wear. The stripes fade out halfway through the jersey, which is arguably more bizarre.

Home (concept): We know that Everton have entered into a new kit deal with cult brand Hummel and we know that car seller Cazoo will be the primary sponsor – and we’ll find out more when it’s released on Friday.

Home (leaked): The new Liverpool home shirt, the first made by Nike following the switch from New Balance, takes things back to the 1990s. The green trim on the V-neck and sleeve cuffs is similar to that which featured on a home kit worn from 1993 to 1995.

Away (leaked): The away kit Liverpool will be wearing for 2020/21 is ‘hyper turquoise’. The striking graphic design is said to have been inspired by the iconic Shankly Gates at Anfield and a release date is expected some time in August.

Goalkeeper (leaked): Jerseys will come in black and yellow for Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker next season, but there is more to the design than simply plain colours. You may not that the overall design is the same as the earlier Chelsea goalkeeper shirt.

Home (leaked): A mosaic design will make up the new 2020/21 Manchester City, with mosaics a distinct part of the modern Manchester art scene. City have had blue home shorts in the past, but they are expected to stay white next season.

Away (leaked):

Third (leaked):

Home (leaked): Manchester United’s expected new home shirt is not a dissimilar look to the club’s 2016/17 blue away strip. The patterning breaks up the base colour for a much more bold and interesting design than simply plain red.

Away (leaked): Although it might look black at first glance, United’s rumoured 2020/21 away kit is actually ‘legacy green’. Of the three, shirts the club will use next season, it is expected to be the first to drop because it was originally scheduled for a May release.

Third (leaked): The ‘dazzle camo’ pattern of United’s expected third shirt for next season has had plenty of people talking and will be a new and unique direction. The print actually finds its roots in 20th century naval warfare when ships were painted a similar way as a defence tactic.

Goalkeeper (leaked): United have a few bold and ‘out there’ goalkeeper shirts over the last 10 years, but this rumoured design for 2020/21 might be the most garish of the lot. The graphic pattern under the arms and on the side panels are a bit love/hate.

Home (leaked): This image of the 2020/21 Spurs kit that has been widely circulated online appears to be a counterfeit version of the real expected design. Like most clubs, Spurs will have a graphic design incorporated into the shirt, while yellow returns as a trim colour.

Away (leaked): The expected Spurs away kit for next season is predominantly dark green, featuring pale yellow logos. The rest of the trim will be black, but there is also going to be an element of pink trim to it as well.

Third (leaked): Yellow has been a Spurs colour in the past and will return as the 2020/21 third strip, featuring both yellow shorts and yellow socks in addition to the shirt. The club crest and Nike will be positioned centrally.

Home: West Ham launched their 2020/21 shirt on the club’s 125th anniversary, with a special badge marking the landmark. The actual design, meanwhile, pays tribute to the golden era of the 1960s when Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters were wearing claret and blue – and is available on the club’s store immediately.

Home (leaked): Wolves are expected to adopt a black sleeves look in 2020/21, which would only be the second time they have ever done so. Black sleeves previously appeared on Wolves jersey in 2014/15 and from 1996 to 1998.

Home (leaked): Yellow will return as a prominent trim colour to Barcelona’s 2020/21 home shirt. The thick neckline in particular brings back memories of the 2010/11 season when Barça could lay genuine claim to being the greatest team of all time.

Third (leaked): A pink shirt with black and green trim will be part of Barcelona’s wardrobe in 2020/21. The shirt is expected to be worn with black short, and matched with green socks that feature the pink trim. It’s not a combination that seems to obviously go together.

Home (leaked): Pink trim looks set to adorn the new Real Madrid 2020/21 home kit. The V-neck design looks like a throwback from adidas to the early 1990s, while the sleeve cuffs, not visible in this image, are expected, to have a pink and black pattern.

Away (leaked): Real had a vivid pink change strip in 2014/15 and a coral third kit last season. On both occasions the trim colour was white, but 2020/21’s pink kit will feature navy blue trim instead. The design itself is actually very plain and simple, leaving the colour to do the work.

Third (leaked): Real will stick with the pink theme for the third kit as well, serving as trim for an otherwise black design. Intrigue comes from quite a distinctive graphic.

Home (leaked): Atletico Madrid’s trademark stripes look like they will be given a very traditional makeover for 2020/21. The collar and button are a distinct throwback to the past and it is noticeably a darker shade of blue trim and recent times.

Home (leaked): Gold is expected to be the trim colour of choice for Juventus in 2020/21. The home shirt also moves away from having very bold and defined black and white to more of an abstract look that makes seem a bit more raw and artistic.

Away (leaked): The away kit Juventus are expected to wear in 2020/21 appears much plainer and simpler, although there is a little bit of flair in the sleeve cuffs to add something else to it.

Third (leaked): ‘Artistic’ doesn’t quite cut it to describe Juve’s expected third jersey. The striking combination of orange and black is a complementing contrast that may even have the effect of players appearing as a blur as they run.

Home: The new 2020/21 shirt swaps Inter’s traditional stripes for wavy zigzags to bring a fresh perspective to a classic look. It is inspired by the city of Milan and design movement that developed and thrived there in the 1980s – and is available on Nike’s website now.

Away (leaked): Inter seems to be really going for it in 2020/21 and will definitely get noticed every time they walk onto the pitch. There is no obvious symmetry to the colour of the lines on the white background, although on closer inspection you can tell they alternate.

Third (leaked): Is this the ultimate throwback? The hooped Inter jersey from the Ronaldo years could be about to make a comeback more than 20 years on. Pictures of the Brazilian superstar wearing a kit like this are iconic.

Home: Bayern have brought back a classic and simple design for 2020/21. Fans have fought a campaign for home colours to be red and white only and the club listened, which means navy blue may never be seen on a Bayern home shirt again. Catch it now on adidas’ website.

Home: Dortmund’s electrifying new home shirt has caused a stir on social media since its launch. It is also the first to feature new sponsor 1&1 on the front – and is available now from the club’s online store.

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