The Very Best Footballer Haircuts From Lockdown

Footballers have started emerging from lockdown and returned to training with the resuming of football on the horizon.

And just like the first day back at school after the summer holidays, you can’t move for a new hairstyle.

Unfortunately due to the lack of hairdressers open for business at the moment, these tend to vary from one extreme to the other; fully bald or wild, improvised and completely untamed locks. Here’s the best of them:

Roberto Firmino

The Liverpool forward steals the show with his amazing 80s style hair coupled with a fledgling Freddie Mercury moustache. The likeness to a young Ross Geller from Friends is uncanny.

Can you blame Firmino for his choice of hairstyle? After all, football was on a break.

Sadio Mane

Firmino’s strike partner has also adopted the ‘if in doubt, grow it out’ motto, drawing attention to his alarming receding hairline in the process.

But Mane looks absolutely chuffed to bits with his new look, and we really hope this is his haircut of choice for Liverpool’s socially distant Premier League title parade.


If there’s one man who can pull off a slicked back middle parting look, it’s Alisson.

The facial hair’s grown a little bit, the hair’s grown a lot, and on anyone else you’d say they look like Snape from Harry Potter. But somehow Alisson still looks effortlessly cool.

Paul Pogba

Not one to shy away from a statement hairstyle, Paul Pogba must be having the barber withdrawal symptoms big time, and he’s rocked up to Manchester United training with a very ordinary, conventional, run of the mill look.

No streaks, no colours, no patterns. It’s like Sex Education series one when flamboyant Eric starts coming to school in beige hoodies.

Anthony Martial

The Manchester United forward has gone in the opposite direction, with a proper first day back at school style neat and tidy grade one all over trim.

His mum has definitely had to reassure him over and over again that it will grow back.

N’Golo Kante

2020 has been full of surprises. but one thing we certainly did not expect to be seeing this year was N’Golo Kante’s hair.

But there it is, a full head of the stuff. Drink it in.


Jorginho has definitely had his thunder stolen by his Chelsea midfield partner Kante, but the Italian has got an untamed mane of his own going on.

The midfielder has gone the extra mile by growing the facial hair to match. Expect to see him in a Shoreditch coffee shop with a soy vanilla skinny latte the minute lockdown ends.

Ross Barkley

Barkley’s done the hard bit by keeping his hair in good nick during lockdown.

But not wanting to have the limelight completely stolen by teammates Kante and Jorginho, he’s grown himself a nice little beard to give his chin some company.

Ashley Young

Ever since he burst onto the scene as a skinny little teenage winger for Watford, Ashley Young has had a shaved head. In a scary, ever changing world, it has been the one reassuring constant.

Young’s career has evolved in all manner of unpredictable ways since his Watford days; he’s played full-back and he’s captained Manchester United. But the one thing we could never have predicted was a blossoming barnet. You think you know someone…

Erik Lamela

The Spurs winger has clearly had a film binge to while away the hours in lockdown, watched some Harry Potter and been so captivated by Draco Malfoy that he’s copied his iconic bleach blonde hairdo.

Kelechi Iheanacho

When it comes to bold facial hair choices, Kelechi Iheanacho in the runaway winner with this fetching goatee.

Give the man a guitar and you’ve got Leicester’s answer to David Brent.

Eden Hazard

Hazard has gone full This Is England with a completely shaved head.

Compensating for his injury hit debut season at Real Madrid by copying his manager Zinedine Zidane’s hairstyle? It’s the only explanation.


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