Impressions, Keepy Ups & Toilet Roll Fails – Roundup of the Lighter Side of the News

?We’re all tired of the morbid and ominous news surrounding the coronavirus, aren’t we? 

We want to see some upbeat, positive news that will put us in a good mood when we go to bed, don’t we? 

Oh go on then. 90min is here to bring you some of the feel-good moments of the week so far, as we all do our best to stave off boredom in these desperately trying times. 

Have a little scroll and a giggle, if you fancy. 

Osasuna’s H-Edgy Training Methods

Teams have been discouraged – or even banned – from training as a squad, but some players have managed to bend the rules and have some fun (which is what we want to see). 

Osasuna’s stars decided to take on a game of football tennis, using a giant hedge as their net. Raúl Neves and Fran Merida showed off their impressive keepy-up skills in this neat video, lobbing the ball over the fence for their opponent to control and send back their way. 

Good stuff. Not sure on their hedge-garden fence layout though. Way too much green. 

Donations Aplenty  

One positive note from this week has been the outpouring of love ?and generosity from our game’s superstars. The German national team donated €2.5m to charities tackling the coronavirus, Robert Lewandowski and his wife Anna committed €1m of their own money to the cause, while several clubs donated their salary to tackle the disease. 

Roma players and staff gave up a day’s salary – and made personal contributions, helping the club to order a whole load of equipment for the city’s struggling hospital. Fantastic gestures all round, from plenty of very generous clubs. 

Stay at Home Challenge 

Yep, there’s something so simplistic and infant-like about kicking a toilet roll about and stopping it from hitting the floor, but yet it’s so damn entertaining. A whole host of football’s main men performed magic tricks with their toilet roll, whilst some – we’re looking at you Felipe Melo – did what they did best…crunching the unsuspecting opposition from behind. 

He must have picked up some serious carpet burn there. 

Then there were the likes of Matthijs de Ligt, who managed to do a fair few keepy-ups, albeit with the help of a fortunately-placed piece of furniture to bounce it off. 

And finally, there was Jamie Carragher. We appreciate the honesty, Jamie. 

Impressions With Carl Dickinson 

Carl Dickinson is a ?Stoke City legend, and he’s repaying his Twitter following with some hilarious impressions. His first victim was former manager and fellow Potters hero Tony Pulis, the coach who undoubtedly gave Dickinson a rollicking or two during his time in Staffordshire. ?

His impressions may not be to the highest of standards, but it’s all a good bit of fun, isn’t it? Keep it up, Dicko!

Social Unity 

Twitter can be an ugly place sometimes, where people go to find conflict, rather than ?to enjoy a decent conversation or debate. And although those corners of the format still exist, there has generally been a sense of unity among its users. 

Unless you’re going out and ignoring the government’s instructions, in which case, you’re a proper idiot. Stay indoors, everyone. 

La Liga FIFA Tourno 

Footballers get bored too, ya know? So to pass the time, and to give us some quality entertainment, La Liga stars are set to do battle – in a giant FIFA tournament!

Each ?team will nominate one player to handle the controls, and they will go head-to-head with the rest of the Spanish top flight in a competition which will be streamed on Twitch. 
?Thibaut Courtois and Marco Asensio are rumoured to be in conflict over who will star for ?Real Madrid, and the pair will play a winner-takes-all battle to decide the ultimate winner. 

Not to be missed, this one! 


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