Brazil Legend Kaka Faces Wrath of Local London Man Following ‘Cut Back’ Snub in 6-a-Side Match

?The year is 2020, and Kaka has still got it.

There is something wonderful about watching a former professional footballer lace up his boots, take to the pitch with us mere mortals and show us all how it is done.

And when it’s a player who has won nearly everything there is to win in the modern game, and remembered as one of the most graceful and talented stars of his generation, then it makes it that little bit sweeter. 

As Kaka glided down the left flank of a London six-a-side pitch with the ball glued to his feet, there was only going to be one outcome. Taking a glance towards the goal, the ex-Real Madrid star assessed his options – remembered that he’s the only decent player on the pitch – and lashed a vicious left-footed arrow into the top-corner of the net.

Queen’s head stuff.

One of Kaka’s greatest moments in his illustrious career? Possibly. Probably not.

But there are no doubts that when the 37-year-old gets back into the changing room, he’ll be facing the wrath of his teammates for his outright selfishness.

Just as the midfielder sized up releasing an absolute missile from his left boot, he ignored a clear instruction to ‘CUT BACK, CUT BACK’ from one of his companions.


‘Cut back,’ said the human to God. Immortalised in a video clip, forever. 

Frankly, Kaka got very lucky that his speculative effort found its way into the net, or he’d probably have been hooked there and then for his lack of team ethic. Kaka, you’re nothing but a cog in this machine, mate. 

?Rumours are swirling regarding the treatment that the superstar received after the match, with reports circling that a teammate blasted him, saying: “I don’t care if your name is John Smith or Shola Ameobi, no one is more important than the collective!” 

It is believed that Kaka will be dropped and disciplined for his actions on Saturday, as the manager looks to address the lack of harmony among the squad.

There is no ‘I’ in team, boys and girls – no matter who you are. 


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