A new Real Madrid cycle has begun – Ancelotti

The Italian coach believes 2014 represented a very important year for the club and says their ambitions remain as lofty as ever heading into 2015

Carlo Ancelotti believes 2014 saw the beginning of a new cycle of success for Real Madrid and says the players are desperate for more glory in the new year.

The Blancos finally clinched their 10th European crown by beating Atletico Madrid in the Champions League showpiece.

They also won the Copa del Rey and Club World Cup in a memorable 12 months that saw them set a new record for consecutive victories, which stands at 22 and counting.

“It has been a fantastic year. With a great amount of effort and hard work, we achieved something very important,” Ancelotti told the club’s official website.

“That brings us huge desire ahead of 2015. In 2014, a cycle began that could be important for the future of Real Madrid.

“I was happy after winning the Decima, because we did it with hard work from everyone and it was an extraordinary source of motivation for the Madridista world. We won the most important competition, which everyone had been dreaming of.

“I would give the team a very high mark out of 10 because we achieved the ultimate in the Decima. I would say to the Madridistas that they have to get behind us with all the love and support that this team deserves.”

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