Cruyff: Mourinho to blame for Madrid's poor season

The 66-year-old former Barcelona coach firmly believes the Portuguese has been a negative influence at los Blancos this season whilst he also questioned Barca’s desire for Neymar

Johan Cruyff has launched another scathing attack on Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insisting he has been the key reason for their faltering campaign which has seen them win no major honours.

The 66-year-old Dutch footballing legend was critical of the Portuguese, claiming that his antics took the focus away from a very talented side.

“His behaviour has had an effect on everyone,” Cruyff told reporters.

“Madrid are not a bad team, in fact they are a very good team, and the reason they have not accomplished anything this season is because of his behaviour.”

Cruyff also spoke about Barcelona’s potential signing of Neymar at the end of the season, in which he appeared unconvinced that the Brazilian could work effectively in the same side as Lionel Messi.

“Two egos in the same boat? We have to learn from the past,” Cruyff said, referring to previous instances where big names have failed to work together in the same side.

Finally, Cruyff was critical of the way the club have dealt with the imminent departure of goalkeeper Victor Valdes.

“These are things that make you wonder ‘what is going on?’,” he continued. “Why are things like this dealt with in this way. We need to find out what is wrong with him because it is not normal.”


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