Cruyff advises Vilanova to step down as Barcelona coach

The former Netherlands star believes it would be in the coach’s best interest to call it quits for now, while he has lashed out at Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has advised Tito Vilanova to step down as head coach and focus on his personal health instead.

The 44-year-old had a tumour removed in 2011, but suffered a relapse in December last year and consequently missed several months of the 2012-13 campaign as he was undergoing treatment.

Vilanova returned to the Barcelona bench in April, but Cruyff feels it would be in his best interest if he were to put his coaching ambitions on hold for now.

“In his condition it’s not very advisable to continue as a coach. I had a heart operation myself… can you be in charge of Barca if you aren’t 100 per cent?” the former Camp Nou coach told Catalunya Radio.

“I’d tell Tito to look after himself. He’s not as strong and experienced as Pep Guardiola. He has a massive problem in the form of his illness and his health comes first.”

Cruyff then went on to reflect on Jose Mourinho’s spell in charge of Real Madrid and the Dutchman was not impressed with the flamboyant coach’s contribution.

“With the behaviour he showed nothing could be done really. If you start a fight with your best player, that’s not right. I think he went too far.

“He’s not guilty just right now, but has been for two or three years. He’s not done Madrid any favours.”

Mourinho will leave Madrid this summer after three years in charge of the Santiago Bernabeu side.

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