Navarro apologises to Ronaldo via text message

Levante’s David Navarro has revealed that he sent Cristiano Ronaldo a text message to apologise for splitting open the forward’s eyebrow open on Sunday.

The defender caught the Portuguese with his elbow when challenging for a header during the first half of the game between the two teams, and this resulted in the former Manchester United attacker leaving the field with a gushing wound.

Ronaldo had the opening glued shut and returned to score midway through the first half, but was eventually substituted at the break after complaining of dizzy spells,

Navarro decided to apologise about his action and said that he sent the Portugal international a text message to say sorry after the game.

“I saw I really hurt you, I apologise,” read the text message, according to Intereconomia.

It is believed, however, that Ronaldo is yet to reply to the apology.

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