Mourinho: I was too busy for club presentation

Jose Mourinho caused controversy by not showing up to a Real Madrid ceremony on Monday, but insisted his decision was for the benefit of his team.

The coach confirmed he received an invite to the presentation, but his mind was elsewhere as he prepared his team for their upcoming tie against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

“The reason is that the day before a game I am focused on work, and I have to be thinking about what I need to do,” he snapped during his press conference.

“I know I will be criticised, but if I had gone I would have been criticised just the same, because people would say I was not focused.”

Mourinho then turned his attentions to Tuesday’s encounter with the reigning Bundesliga champions and admits he is expecting a tough contest.

“Borussia are a team that has won two league titles in Germany and they are leading the group. They are a very strong team with creative players, quick and straight forward. If they get to the second round, they will be a candidate to win the competition.”

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