Crucial classico

Saturday night, Camp Nou, 8 `o`clock, don`t miss it. This game could be an all-time classic.

Barcelona looked unbeatable after despatching AC Milan but are now showing chinks in their armour. Remember that they had slipped to ten points behind Madrid in la liga before Real had a bad run. Any team can hit an obstacle and Jose`s old team, chelsea, may have done him a huge favour in halting Barcelona`s run of form.

Ronaldo and Messi are fighting for the golden boot and records in both europe and spain. At any other time they would have won the golden boot easily but it seems that they are constantly outdoing each other.
Messi scores five in a champion`s league match, then Christiano scores a hat-trick with two of the goals being contenders for goal of the season. Messi`s overall tally is bigger because he has played in extra tournaments.

Real Madrid should remember, also, that they triumphed over Barcelona a year ago to win the cup.

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