Raul will reveal his future to the club before July 10

Raul’s future is in the air, although there is less to know. The captain, who is vacationing, White club will communicate its decision by July 10 to determine not planning any sport (the team’s preseason starts five days later.)

Before leaving with his family, Raul had the opportunity to speak to Mourinho, who made it clear that he has to be your Materazzi. And the 7 still pondering what to do. AS reported last March 19 that the player would not put obstacles to leave Madrid this summer. Do not want to be a drag, but the entity has in its hands the choice to continue with the year of his contract remaining or leaving. And although it has not yet announced if he continues in Madrid (17th season would be his target) or not, deals not go missing. As yesterday reminded the British Daily Express, Manchester United came to consider the signing of Raul if the player decided to leave the club Real Madrid but eventually dismissed because of his age. The idea of signing blank master technician would match the Red Devils, Sir Alex Ferguson, a great admirer of the player.

“What I want is to play,” said Raul. And that seems to make a Blackburn Rovers, where his friend militates Salgado.


The competitive gene captain, he still remains one year contract, is to look at the Premier welcomed, as the Bundesliga, where Schalke 04 also has strong call to your door. The other option is to move to the Major League Soccer. His name has been linked to Los Angeles Galaxy and New York Red Bulls, a prospect that pleases his wife Mamen Sanz: “I do not mind living in the U.S..”

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